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AdSense Stats and Performance 101


Real Stats (Figures based on actual performance tracking updated several times
a day)
• Page Impressions: The number of times an ad unit (a collection of 1 to 4
ads). If you have two ad units on a page, then every time the page loads
you get two page impressions. Page Impressions DO include PSA (Public
Service Ads) and Alternate Ads.
• Clicks: The number of times someone clicks on an ad. Clicks on PSA will
be included in this stat as well.
• Earnings: Money you’ve made.
Derived Stats (Figures calculated from the real stats)
• Clickthrough Rate: Clicks/Page Impressions. It is expressed as a
• Effective CPM:. Earnings per thousand page impressions. Calculated by
1000 X Earnings / Page Impressions
• EPC: Your EPC is not displayed because it does not really matter. EPC
stands for Earnings Per Click (Earnings/Clicks) and is frequently talked
Facts (What we've discovered)
1. Stats Update Frequency/Delay: Although AdSense stats usually updates
every couple hours, you don’t need to panic at all if you see no change in
your stats for over 12 hours. Even if other webmasters are seeing normal
2. Don’t worry about anomalies in your stats during the course of the day.
These are not accurate. There could be delays in the update due to one
reason or another. Only when you see figures for a new day can you
know that the figures for the previous day are not going to change any
3. Sometimes the stats are carried forward several days. This happens
when Google decides to freeze your clicks and earnings for fraud
checking/tracking purposes or server delays. Thus, you may notice your
earnings/clicks shoot straight up when you least expect it. It is possible
for your CTR to go up by as much as 10%.
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