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Be paid to be Entertained

Be paid to be Entertained - Jul 19th 2010 11:30

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About our Business

Get ready to be Excited!
Get ready to make a whole lot of money!
Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does. I think we have all heard it before but for once this is going to mean something. For once you will be able to make money and a lot of it.

Just give me a little of your time to prove it. You see the counter above? Let me tell you why so many people are joining and why we are seeing over One Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousandvisitors every month!

I will make this brief for those of you that want the bottom line but please really read what I have to say. I GUARANTEE you have never seen an opportunity like this. If you are a marketing professional you will understand why we will succeed when the others can't.
There are five simple reasons why we will succeed and why you will make money. It is very simple.
  1. The Products
  2. The Price
  3. The Market
  4. The Advertising
  5. The Commissions
The Products
We will be selling entertainment products. DVD's, CD's, Video Games and Systems, Home Theater Systems and much much more. Everyone loves entertainment and it is one of the biggest sellers in the USA and Canada.

The Price
Our business is Entertainment and we are an Entertainment Club. Because we are a club we will have the lowest prices anywhere. How about a new release DVD that is selling for $29.95 everywhere else but they can get it from us for $19.95 or  $15.95 or even as low as $12.95?

Where are they going to buy that DVD? From them or from us? You KNOW the answer and DVD's is just a small part of what we will be selling.

The Market
The Entertainment Market is a multi billion dollar industry. How big is the business opportunity market? It doesn't compare to this market. Think about that other program you may have been in or just quit.

Was their product any good?
Was the price right?
Would you buy their products, pay their prices if it wasn't for the fact that you wanted to make money?
Did you get millions of Americans lining up to buy their products?
But with E4L.BIZ the answers are always YES! This is why YOU WILL make money. This is simple and this is easy.

The Advertising
This is a big part of E4L.BIZ.  First if you want to make money now even before we launch you can because we are paying commissions on advertising.

It can be hard work building a downline so don't you want to get paid while you are doing it? Other companies don't or can't pay you in Pre-Launch but we do. Also if you don't know how to advertise or just don't have time we can do ALL the WORK for you.

You can have us do all the work and just tell us how many members you want in your downline. It is that easy. Also they will do the same and we will PAY YOU when they do.  You could makes thousands of dollars even before we launch.

Once we do launch we are going to help you explode your downline. We will be doing major advertising and soon we will be doing our own TV commercials. You seen Netflix, you've seen Blockbuster and soon you will be seeing E4L.BIZ.

Limited Time Offer!

The Commissions

We are going to pay you in two ways. First you will be paid in for anyone you you get to join the club and makes any purchase ever. There is a lot more to this as you will see. You can make money from thousands of people who buys anything anytime they buy forever! Remember we are selling entertainment at great prices, people will buy!

The second reason is the reason that is going to make some people rich. A 100% matching bonus. What is a matching bonus? Let's say you personally sponsored 10 people and those 10 people made $1,000.00 each in a month.

Good for them right? Yes, but better for you. Since you personally sponsored them you get a 100% matching bonus. You will get paid from all the sells from those thousands of members plus you will receive a $10,000.00 bonus!

That's like getting 10 extra pay checks!

That was just with 10 members. Remember you can tell us how many  members you want. 10, 100, 1,000 or even more. You can bring in people on your own as well.  The main thing is you will receive a matching paycheck on each and every member!

Limited Time Offer!

Get Ready! 

We are starting NOW!!! You can still sign up now as we are moving to the new web site with all the products. You only have a few days before this temporary web site is gone then it is time to just make money! Hurry and sign up.

What would you do if you woke up one day and foundyou made $10,000.00 or TENS of Thousands of dollars over night?

Limited Time Offer!

You are at a the doorway of something great and powerful:

  • You will save big on entertainment

  • You will want to brag about your savings

  • Your friends will beg you to join our club

  • You will get paid when they start saving

  • You will get paid for all sales in your team

  • You will get paid a 100% Matching Bonus for everyone you sponsor

  • You will have a product that almost everyone wants not just a few people

  • You don't have to sell because it will sell itself

  • If you don't have a lot of friends or family I am going to show you an easy way to get lots of people

  • I will show you an easy way to get even hundreds or thousands to sign ups (Just tell us how many people you want, Guaranteed Sign Ups)

  • We will have fun contests that will get you money and prizes

  • Join our Vegas convention for even more fun PLUS find out how you can get to go for FREE

Limited Time Offer!

This is the power of E4L.BIZ and again, for right now you can sign up and get a Lifetime PAID Membership for FREE. All you need to do in exchange is help us as we build our website and business. Give us your feedback.

You are what's important.


We are just starting, there will never be an easier time to get others to join. Sign up today and get your FREELife Time PAID Membership while they are still FREE.

Start making the kind of money you always dreamed about. I can't promise you will make a ton of money but you can see for yourself that THIS PROGRAM makes sense. It has the right products, the right prices, the right market (EVERYONE), the right advertising and a pay out that includes a  100% Matching Bonus for everyone you sponsor!


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