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Download File 4shared via Hp non Symbian

Originally cuman idly browsing and every time you want to download is always directed to multiple servers such as 4shared, rapidshare, megaupload. Many obstacles are in hadapin but because of needing the file is then inevitably be downloaded yow, because they do not have a premium account at the limit and then download more annoying is if the connection is broken we should ngulang from scratch, and also waited a long time if need ngulang Finding if files are too big way only a few blogs that mengulasnya. Take the following examples from the writings of

File download via 4shared non Symbian Hp Downloading files from 4shared via hp was easy easy difficult. It's easy if we use the mob who symbian platform (open surgery). With brosing opera symbian 8.6 applications we can directly download the file we want. But how if we menggunanan non symbian hp? Like Soner hp K series, S, W, or Z. Or hp Nokia S40. What is important is support for J2ME (Java 2.0). The trick as follows: 1. Download Opera Mini application brosing MODIF 3.1 (can be 3:10, 3:11 or 3:12) is better that the final version. 2. Run the application opmod 3.1 TSB and go to the next to the search field file. 3. Enter keywords to search the file. For example 'Indonesia Raya'. Mp3. Then click search.Setelah Indonesia Raya.mp3 appears and click it. 4. Then will come the download link page, and have the word 'free sign-ups, etc. .. antivirus detected. Move your cursor to the 'download now'. REMEMBER! Do not be clicked. Consider the following steps: Press Menu-> Home-> Links-> Downloads, the next page will appear containing the loader who urls. 5. Now the trick here to 4shared files can be downloaded. Click on the url in the column. Example urls next replacing the word 'get' degan word 'download' and replace the word 'html' with the word 'mp3'. So an example url will be 6. Click menu-> downloaded OK. Please try.
source: sangbayou sniper mode but it is now difficult or may even not be in use anymore. From mobile phones are often used to sich gunain this way but because it is difficult and it can no longer find another way. Information from various sources, for example the following reviews

How it works Rapidleech site is sort of making a special trick that is used to connect with situs2 fileshare (like,, and lain2) so this virtual world is booming. Actually the concept of site work is not much different RapidLeech with tricks through the entrance (to download the file) to situs2 file sharing without having to join the queue earlier visitors. As we all know, that situs2 file share would treat a regular visitor (not a premium member / Pay) are much different. Starting from a single connection, download limits on certain duration, and many other batasan2. this is due to bandwidth restrictions on regular visitors. Now with the RapidLeech site, we try to outsmart the site so that the bandwidth was shared files (like - will) be great. His understanding is this: At the moment we will be downloading files from (for example), then we will meregenerate a download url and IP addresses. Now download url and IP address will be recorded by us If we've finished downloading the file, then we will download again, then we have to wait a few minutes (12 s / d 30 min) again (for the regular downloader). This can still be solved by deciding an internet connection, then mengkoneksikannya again. (This does not apply to a static IP Address) Not to mention if the base of our internet connection, slow connection (eg GPRS) then it can be sure we are going to fail to download. Now begins the problem like this, then comes the Rapidleech term, which in this case did not have anything - anything with (in this case as the server). So this RapidLeech site is basically a server that would download a file sharing site. As a result .... we are just trying to divert from the file storage et al (read: friend and companion) to the site - RapidLeech site earlier. Only then we download to our PC with multiple connection (idm or DAP for example). Logically; rapidshare et al are always online 7 x 24 hours will be downloaded by the server computer (RapidLeech site) is also always online. Then we'd downloaded file is saved in this RapidLeech site. Unfortunately if the site had apparently RapidLeech not support multi-connection as well. Then why not use our pc to a server or site RapidLeech, the answer is in the article on how to make your PC Rapidleech own site which we will publish part of the time will come.
source: That some things that make me collect some servers in order to facilitate RapidLeech me to download. You can also add your own server. Free kok: D To Rapidleech itself has a few plugins that have been provided as downloads from getupload . org share-online . biz Please feel free to take advantage of you who want to stop by my blog at RapidLeech Download As Premium User

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