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1. Is Bakoeltiket it?
Bakoeltiket is an online ticket system is different! We provide services for the sale of airline tickets in RealTime, cheap, easy and no one in the back of our system. All done in Instant, Easy and Automatic current transaction. While we provide services Lion / Wing Air, Batavia Air, Mandala Air and Merpati Air. The concept offered is B2B (Business to Business). Is in process of coding by the programmer our Reservation system for Garuda, Air Asia, and Train Tickets.
2. Who can join Bakoeltiket?
Individuals or institutions may join the BakoelTiket by following the terms and conditions prevailing in BakoelTiket.
3. How to join BakoelTiket?
Please open address, then select the menu register. Fill in the email address, name, address, phone number and your city correctly. Make sure your email address is active for communication with the admin BakoelTiket will be done through email addresses. Email address is also the username to log into the system BakoelTiket. Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox browser.
4. Immediately Find Your Air Tickets at
Do not hesitate anymore, quickly search your plane tickets in, you can obtain information on seats, seat availability, scheduled departure. Please register now, just by filling out the registration form bakoeltiket, you can expand your business network, and facilitate your needs.
so easy to make this portal the visitor or Someone to work internationally

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