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Google's second attempt to make social networking website

What is now anymore asiknya Facebook streets. Last da able to come to news that Google could become the king of the search thing in cyberspace or the internet, but if the issue of social networking google still stuttering in rival Facebook or Twitter. An indication of rumors, Google still had not surrendered.
From the news broke on Twitter, Google is again preparing a single service with the name 'Google Me'. This service will be used as a kind of social networking features such as Facebook.
Brita was reported by Kevin Rose, Digg founder of the site who claim to get news from 'reliable sources'. As the bloggers read from detikINET sragen that the quotation from SFWeekly on Monday June 28, 2010, Kevin Rose started to proclaim the news via Twitter.
If all this is true, this is Google's second attempt to make social networking website. Previously, Google has a website with the name of Orkut.
Google itself has also been trying to compete with Twitter is to make Google's Buzz. But the effort has not been able to google is successful.
SFWeekly provides news, Google is expected to be me begin upgrading to the current features of Google Profiles are already there.

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