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How do I activate my Microsoft Office programs?

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How do I activate my Microsoft Office programs?

Activate over the Internet or by phone

When you enter your valid Product Key, the Activation Wizard starts automatically and gives you two choices on how to proceed:
  • Activate by using the Internet     The Activation Wizard automatically contacts the Microsoft licensing servers through your Internet connection. If you are using a valid Product Key that has not already been used for the allowed number of installations, your product is activated immediately.
When you activate through the Internet, your product ID (derived from the installation Product Key) is sent to Microsoft. A response (the confirmation ID) is sent back to your computer to activate your product. If you choose to activate your product through the Internet and you are not already connected, the wizard alerts you that there is no connection.
  • Activate by using the telephone     You can telephone an Activation Center and activate your product with the help of a customer service representative.
 Important   Telephone contact numbers vary by license and country/region. In step 2 of the Activation Wizard, use the number provided to call the Microsoft Activation Center. Activation Center telephone numbers are not listed in this article because the correct number for you is based on several factors. Microsoft software can be obtained under various licenses, including individual retail licenses, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licenses, and volume licenses, so it is important that you use the number indicated by the Activation Wizard.
Telephone activation might take longer than activation through the Internet. You should be at your computer when you call, and you should have your software Product Key available.
  1. In the Activation Wizard, select the country/region where you reside and where you plan to use the product.
The wizard provides one or more telephone numbers appropriate for your selection. Use the number provided on your Activation Wizard screen to call the Microsoft Activation Center.
  1. Call the Activation Center.
The customer service representative asks you for your installation ID (displayed on your screen) and other relevant information. After your installation ID is verified, you receive a confirmation ID.
  1. In the Activation Wizard, type the confirmation ID in the spaces provided at the bottom of the screen, and then press ENTER.
  • Telephone activation is not available for Trial and Subscription versions.
  • Microsoft Text Telephone (TT/TTY) services are available for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. In the United States, using a TT/TTY modem, dial (800) 718-1599. From outside the United States, using a TT/TTY modem, dial (716) 871-6859. TT/TTY service is only available in English.

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