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how do I set up for ecommerce tracking?

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I assume you are speaking about The publisher and Google analytics when you are asking this question. If you are tracking for Ecommerce the single most important thing you can do is make sure to track revenue in whatever solution you are using. Below are the locations for where you can find the set up pages for your specific accounts publisher tracking pixels.

Google - You can find the Conversion counter under the Opportunities tab, in the Tools section of your Adwords account.
Yahoo - You can find the conversion counter script under the Administration tab under the Analytics section.
Bing - You can find the conversion counter under the Campaigns tab, within the Campaign Settings.

If you are using the publisher tracking pixels then you will be able to insert a revenue variable for Google and Yahoo conversion counters to dynamically capture the value of an order on your website. You will need a coder type person to do this for you. For Bing you can only track conversions, so you can only really manage your accounts using a CPA model with Bing publisher tracking.

If you are using Google Analytics then you will need to enable the ecommerce script on your page. You can find the instructions for doing this at this link:

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