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how make money quick money make money easy money with chameleon

Plugin installation for your Mozilla Firefox browser:

You can add any background to your Facebook and customize other elements in just 3 easy steps!

1. Install the component (by installing the component you confirm that you accept our Terms of Service).
Click the following button to install:

2. Click "Save File" to save the installation file

3. Double click the "setup.exe" to start the installation

4. Click "OK" to confirm the installaion

5. Go through the setup steps to complete the installation.
6. Choose layouts here: Layouts. Enjoy!
7. Invite all your friend to join our group.
As soon as they install the component, they can see your design and you can see theirs!
Some tips:
- Restart your browser, if it doesn't applied automatically.

Download ChameleonTom to get 1000's of FREE Facebook Styles!
It's totally FREE! No Registration. No Spyware.
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  • Choose from 1000's of FREE Layouts for your Facebook pages
  • Bonus features include: FREE Layouts for redefining your facebook page,
    FREE Webchat rooms, FREE Private chatrooms.
  • Search the web easily with Google, Yahoo! etc.
  • More features are coming -

Download for Free now, Click Here!

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