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Dear Friend,

If you have ever wondered how everyday people are making it big on the net, or how people who don't have their own product or service are cashing in big time, you need this Net Marketing MEGA course!

Order here now!

I'll show you how others are succeeding and how YOU can succeed on the net RIGHT NOW using the exact same principles and techniques I use every day. I'll hold nothing back... I'll show you every step you need to take.

Just so you know that you are dealing with an expert with the qualifications and credentials unsurpassed in net marketing... I currently own and operate,,,,,,,, and My personal database is over 1.2 million people and our various products and programs sell in the $MILLIONS every year.

There is a lot of information floating around the internet and much of it is years old.  Unfortunately, things that would have helped you succeed even 6 months ago are no longer as relevant due to the ever-changing nature of the net.

Fact:  You need to keep up on the very latest and best techniques for success on the web or you are just spinning your wheels.

The good news is, I have packed Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing with up-to-the-minute tips and tactics that no other Internet marketing course has!  If you want to pull in profits faster, and learn how to make your business bigger and better this year than it has ever been, you are in luck.

But this is not just "yet another 'no-holds-barred' tell-all marketing course"... This is completely and totally unique. In fact, the Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing mega-course isn't really even a "course"... it's more of a "symposium" or exposé on all things related to marketing and making BIG money on the net. It is all-encompassing and covers every facet of marketing online.

If you read just ONE how-to guide this year, get this one...

Just look at some of the comments from my "students" on the left of the screen. And what's more, I just signed a contract with a major marketing firm that specializes in internet consulting and building web sites for their clients. They are buying ONE THOUSAND Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing courses from me for their clients... and they looked at every marketing course online first!

There are 2 basic ways of marketing online:
Passive and Proactive.

Passive marketing is where you register with search engines and various directories and then hope for the best... It's a crap shoot and primarily why most people fail.

Proactive marketing is where you utilize low and no cost direct marketing strategies to catapult your business to the next quantum level. I'll take you by the hand and walk you through every step in simple but methodical detail. Here are just some of the strategies I'll teach you

        * Banners - According to the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau - these are the guys that keep tabs on where all the money is being invested in online advertising), last year a whopping $7.3 billion was invested in advertising net-wide. And of that, 21% (or $1.53 BILLION!!!) was spent on banner advertising... second only to "keyword" advertising (35%). I'll tech you how to design and build a banner that screams "click on me now!" and brands your business simultaneously.  Then, where to get dirt-cheap, even free placement of your banner that will outsell the competition 2 and 3-to-1!
        * Pop-ups - How to use pop-ups to dramatically improve your Alexa site rankings overnight and drive sales. (Easily done, if done right!)  99.9% of popup users do this all wrong.  I'll show you how to make sales with popups and where to put them for maximum impact.
        * Ezine advertising - How to find and advertise in the perfect ezine to reach your targeted audience dirt cheap and even free!  And, how to start your own ezine so you can grow your subscriber base and sell advertising.
        * JV deals - The magic of Joint Ventures. Done correctly, joint ventures will always be your most valuable secret weapon. Your online friends can make you easy profits year after year.  I'll show you where and how to tap into J.V. resources that will blow your mind and explode your profits!
        * Opt-in Mailing - How to find and use opt-in mailing lists reaching millions of prospects. Dirt cheap and even free! I mail 4-10 million letters EVERY week completely spam free. I show you how to do this for maximum profit and share my resources with you. This is unbelievably easy money. But you must first know the "how" and then the "who". It works like a slot machine, but with one BIG difference: If you follow the formula it pays off on Every pull.
        * Sales letters - How to write and develop a kick-butt sales letter that will literally force your prospects to beg for your product, service, or opportunity.  Its easier than you think...just follow my proven formula.
        * Branding - Is the key to long term success online. I'll teach you when, where, and how to incorporate it into any marketing strategy.  Never advertise without it and you will build a name and credibility online.
        * USP's (Unique Selling Propositions) - How to develop the perfect USP to identify YOU in the marketplace, separating you from the competition for years to come. It's vital you understand and use this strategy.
        * MLM Programs - How to select the perfect MLM program, what to look for, what to watch out for, and how to get in on the absolute ground floor, where the real $$ are!
        * Affiliate programs - How to develop your OWN affiliate program, regardless of what you are offering to sell.  I use affiliate programs in some way with every site I have ever built, I'll teach you the nitty-gritty details you need to know to attract an army of affiliates that can make you rich!  This is so easy to do with all the tools and resources immediately available online.  I'm amazed at the % of sites overlooking the profits to be made with an autopilot affiliate program.  Learn how this can be accomplished without any of your own software or programming.
        * Autoresponders - An autoresponder is a must-have tool for every serious marketer. Let me show you what makes a good one work and why... and how to avoid being accused of "spamming" when purchasing leads for your autoresponder - don't get shut down!
        * List building - Whether you are marketing something as an affiliate, or operating your own web site, it is an absolute must to BUILD YOUR LIST. I'll teach you how to do this effortlessly.
        * Telemarketing - There are literally millions of dollars being made by savvy marketers through telemarketing. I'll teach you how to apply and use this huge industry and even show you who to contact to double, triple, and even quadruple your sales success!
        * Search engines - Search engines are a love/hate relationship with web marketers. But you gotta use 'em. I'll teach you the shortcuts and demystify the process for you.
        * Pay-per-click - Pay-per-click advertising is a gold mine, but only if you do it in accordance with the formula I have developed. Are you familiar with "burn off"? I'll teach you this and several vital strategies that you must know how to use to put your web site on automatic pilot with Pay-per-click advertising.
        * Pay-for-Performance - PFP advertising is where you owe nothing, zip, nada, zilch, till a sale is made!  I'll share with you my resources and the tactics you need to tap into this online bonanza.  The money you could make with this information alone is worth hundreds or thousands of times the cost of my course.
        * Ideas - Even if you have no idea where to begin or what to market, you need this mega course... I'll show you where to begin and give you all the ideas you need to get started now!
        * Overnight recognition - How to establish yourself as an expert online in any field you choose. I'll show you how to write articles (or have someone else write them for you!), and get published around the globe virtually overnight.  Then how to re-package everything you write and sell ebooks, paperback print editions [for Amazon and retail distribution], through on-demand printing and all the resources you need to repackage for audio tapes or CD programs.  It all starts with just one article you write or have written for you.
        * Testing - Let's face it, marketing online is, in every essence, "direct marketing"... I'll show you how to test any ad, any sales letter, any web site and know exactly and precisely how effective your campaign will be in 48 hours or less. And then, how to continually test. You need this information to pull the greatest cash from your marketing strategy.
        * Viral Marketing - From simple tell-a-friend strategies to extremely effective and powerful automatic viral methods, I'll open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about viral marketing and teach you how you can adapt it to any marketing strategy.
        * And so much more!

    I have never offered all of these secrets and confidential sources before.  Our various products sell in the millions - over 10 million last year - and now for the first time ever I am sharing every strategy, tactic, secret and all my resources for a price anyone can afford!

Now all of this hard-earned knowledge can be YOURS!

Why this mega course is different!

You should know; of all the money my sites generate not ONE THIN dime of it has been made selling "How To" information.

That is until now.

I practice what I preach and do every day what I teach in "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing"

For my money it just makes sense to Learn from a DOER, with real world experience and real world mega-success, than from a "theorist"...

Be careful what you invest in! I cant tell you how many times I have been approached by people wanting me to recommend their new 'Hot off the presses" marketing manual or ebook only to discover through questioning , they have no list or only a very small list of their own and they don't really know how to "get the word out" online... but yet they teach marketing???

My personal list of "members" is over 1.2 Million and I have built my online businesses using the exact same strategies, secrets and tactics I'll share with you .

I've not only done it all, I do it all, and I've figured out how to make every element a successful part of my total marketing mix for all of the sites that I market.

And now it's time for me to share everything that I know, everything that I've done, including  (perhaps the most important element) the most critical thing that you must grasp to become successful not only with your online marketing but in every endeavor you ever take.

And, that is how to...

See yourself, your place within the world, truly understand your potential and then apply that potential to your online business!

Hence the title, "Seize Your Potential & Prosper with Net Marketing".

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