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How to Double Your AdSense Income Instantly

To increase AdSense income all you must do is increase the number of click
thrus you receive.
There are two ways for you to increase your total number of click thrus. You can
either increase your website traffic or you can increase your AdSense click thru
rate. Now, getting more traffic would be great, but let’s be honest increasing
your web site traffic is much easier said than done. So, let’s focus on increasing
your AdSense click thru rate instead.
4 Tips to Increase Click Thru:
Match your AdSense to your website:
You want your AdSense ads to appear as seamless as possible. Your goal is to
match every aspect of your AdSense ads to the theme of your website. What
you want to do is remove the borders from your AdSense ads and match the
background color of the ad to your website. Additionally, you want to match the
color of the AdSense links to the rest of the links on your website plus choose an
ad format that makes the ads look seamless.
For example, if your web site has a white background and the default color of
your hypertext links is blue you will want to remove the border from your
AdSense, make the background white, choose either a square or a rectangle as
your ad format instead of a skyscraper or banner, and yep you guessed it…
make the links blue.
Placement Matters:
Where you place your AdSense ads is just as important as how they look.
Luckily, there are only a few concepts that you need to worry about in order to
increase your click through rate.

•The more white space around your ads the better
•The closer to the top of the page the better
•The closer the left of the page the better
Follow these concepts and I can assure you that you will see an increase in your
AdSense click thru rate. (It really is that simply!)
Google Search:
Now this is one that I rarely see webmasters take advantage of
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