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How to Make More Money with Google AdSense

anyone of these factor to go up and you will earn more money from AdSense!

Google AdSense Revenue = Traffic x CTR x CPC

Fortunately you can control all of these variables.

Increase the your web site traffic

There are many techniques to increase your web site traffic, you can consult
The Basics of Web Site Promotion for more idea. However, I will list a few
techniques here:

• Improve your search engine ranking. You can read The Importance of
Top Search Engine Ranking to get an idea why. Basically, you get more
traffic as your site get closer to the top (of any list including search
engine result page)
• Add your site to directories. They are great way to build link popularity,
as well as, get your site indexed in search engines.
• Add your site to search engines (not needed if you already did above)

• Advertise your site through other means
• Etc.
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