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Getting Started

Why use AdToll?
If you own a website and want to make money then AdToll is your answer! We provide the ability for you to sell ads on your site and make money. All that is needed from you is a website and the ability to alter the HTML.
Does AdToll have minimum site requirements?
Can I have multiple ad types on my site?
Yes. We offer you the ability to setup multiple Ad Groups for your site in a variety of media formats (PicText Ads, banner ads etc...)
What do I charge for ads?
You can sell ads on your site for whatever price you wish but keep in mind the cheaper the more attractive it is to potential advertisers. Prices do vary based on certain factors including the number of page views your site gets and the average number of clicks on ads. If you are unsure we recommend starting low then as your Ad Pool fills make it more expensive.
What will I earn?
We will pay you a 75% commission on all ads sold on your site. For example if you sell an ad for $100, you will earn $75. The other $25 is kept by us for providing the service, maintenance, support, marketing etc...
Can I set guidelines/restrictions for what ads can appear on my site?
Yes. You have complete control over the content and relevancy of the ads that appear on your site. When you set up your site you are asked to provide an allowable ad rating and select the industries you wish to restrict.
Do I approve ads that advertisers book on my site?
Yes. Ads do commence by default but you have 24 hours to deny the booking if you feel the ad does not fall within your guidelines.
What statistics are provided?
You will be able to view real-time statistics on all of your customers ads broken down by day, which includes ad views and clicks.
What is done with unsold ad space?
In the situation where your Ad Pool is not filled with Sponsored Ads you will be provided with Run Of Network ads.

Ad Groups

What is an Ad Group?
Your site can have more than one group of related ads. It's these individual ad rotations that are referred to as an Ad Group. Each Ad Group is setup in your account area where you can specify criteria such as a weekly price to advertise on that Ad Group. You are also provided the code to insert into your HTML so that we can start serving ads to your site.
What Ad Formats are available?
Your Ad Groups can be any one of a variety of Ad Formats including:
What dimensions can I setup for my Ad Groups?
You have complete control over the dimension of your Ad Groups. We have preset standard banner dimensions you can choose from or you can completely customize the dimensions using the Ad Group layout tool provided.
Where should I place Ad Groups on my site?
If you are unsure where you should place Ad Groups have a read of our Ad Placement Recommendations.
Can I set my own Default Ads?
Yes. We provide you with the ability to set your own Default Ads to take control of your ad inventory. There is a section in this FAQ dedicated to Default Ads below.
How many ads can I have at any time in each Ad Group?
Up to 30 Sponsored Ads can be in rotation, making the Ad Pool of your Ad Group. Your Ad Pool can be configured from 1 to 30 Ads.
Do Ad Groups automatically rotate ads?
Yes. Ads are rotated with each ad view. This means all the ads in your Ad Group will receive almost equal views in any given day (based on the law of averages).
Why does my Ad Group show clicks but they are not appearing in my Earnings Report?
If you are seeing clicks being recorded on your Ad Group in the My Account area but do not see associated earnings in the Earnings Report it is because of one of these three reasons:
  1. Your Ad Group is being served an AdToll default ad as there are no ads currently available to be served, either Run of Network or Sponsored Ad. Default ads are designed to entice users to book an ad; when they are clicked the user is directed to your sites Rate Card on AdToll.
  2. Your Ad Group has had clicks on a Run of Network Tier 1 targeted ad but the click was from outside a Tier 1 country - Australia, New Zealand, North America and High Income European Countries.
  3. Clicks were on Sponsored Ads booked on your site which are already paid for as part of the Sponsored Ad booking.


What is Autopricing?
Autopricing allows you to have our system automatically determine the price of your Ad Group keeping your prices up to date with performance and demand.
Why should I use Autopricing?
There are many reasons why you would use Autopricing. You might not know what to charge for ads, you might not have the time to keep your prices up to date or quite simply just want us to take care of it for you to remove yet another administrative task.
How does Autopricing determine the price?
We have developed a special formula that calculates a price based on key factors including ad format, current bookings (supply/demand), expected clicks etc...
Do I have any control over the calculated price?
Absolutely! We allow you to choose a Pricing Strategy which is a factor in calculating the price. There are 5 strategies you can choose, from Cheap to Exclusive. When you create an Ad Group for the first time you are also given the opportunity to set a Starting Price. This price will be used in the first 48 hours while our system is building statistics on the performance of your Ad Group if the calculated price is less than your Starting Price.
Which Pricing Strategy do I use?
Well it depends on how you value your ad space. If you are trying to fill ad inventory quickly or encourage impulse buys you might select Cheap. If you consider your ads to be worth a lot and do not want low-end Advertisers you might go for Exclusive. Or you can choose a strategy in the middle somewhere.
When does the system adjust my prices?
Whenever there is a change in a key factor, our system will automatically adjust your price. An example might be when a new booking is made or when your rate card statistics are updated at midnight EST (GMT -0500).

Default Ads

What is a Default Ad?
A Default Ad is an ad that you can specify giving you more control over your ad inventory.
What can I use a Default Ad for?
Default Ads give you the ability to insert your own ads into your Ad Group rotations in place of Run of Network ads. For example we have Publishers using Adsense, AuctionAds and other network ads as their Default Ads.
How do I set my Default Ad?
When you set up your Ad Group you provide the URL to your Default Ad (must be a page HTML/PHP). On this page you set up what you want displayed in your Default Ad. Be sure to keep within the dimensions of the Ad Group you are setting it up for.
Can I weight my Default Ad?
Yes. When you create your Ad Group you are also given the ability to weight your Default Ad. A weight of 0% means your Default Ad will only be displayed when there are no Sponsored Ads or Run of Network Ads available. A weight of 100% means your Default Ad will always be displayed over Run of Network Ads. Anything in between refers to how often your Default Ad will be displayed over a Run of Network Ad.
Can I set Default Ads for any Ad Format?
No. Default Ads are only available for banners at present time, not PicText or Peel Away Ads.

Run of Network (RON) Ads

What is a RON ad?
RON ads are Cost-Per-Click (CPC) based ads that appear throughout the entire range of available sites on our network. RON ads can also be targeted via region and/or category.
When do RON ads appear?
We provide you with RON ads when the ad inventory on your site is not sold out.
What do I earn for RON ads?
You are paid 75% of what the Advertiser has paid for the click.

Marketing your Advertising space

How do I get people buying ads on my site?
Selling ads is not unlike selling another product; it needs to appeal to the prospective buyer. Your aim is to make advertising on your Site enticing enough for advertisers to book ads. There's many ways you can achieve this and below are some things for you to consider:
Keep your Site information accurate, complete and up to date
Having your Site and Ad Group information up to date is important. This information is provided on your Rate Card and is the tool used to market your Ad Groups to potential Advertisers.
Set realistic prices
We recommend you start the pricing of your ads low and increase the price as your Ad Pool fills. This helps you build momentum, produce stats for your Rate Card and means you are making money as quickly as possible. This strategy also serves as a way of letting the market determine the price of your ads.
Use the "Advertise Here" links on your Ad Groups
When setting up your Ad Groups you will notice we provide an "Advertise Here" link. We recommend keeping this link but perhaps change the text to appeal more to your audience. This link also contains your Affiliate link allowing you to refer Advertisers through to AdToll and make Affiliate commissions.
Communicate your Advertising availability
Like any business you need to work at it! Let people know about the available Advertising on your Site. Send your members, customers and potential Advertisers an e-mail with a link to your Rate Card. If you have a "contact us" page on your Site (which you should), then include a link to your Rate Card there. If you send a regular newsletter then include a link to your Rate Card.
Use the Rate Cardlet on your site
We provide a neat tool which allows you to provide information about your available advertising to your site visitors. We call it a Rate Cardlet, and is a short summary of your Rate Card. We recommend using this on your site to entice prospective advertisers.
See what the successful Publishers are doing
If in doubt you should have a look at what the top performing Publishers are doing. View their Rate Cards, see how they present their information, view their sites and see how they position their ads and market their available advertising.

Ad Ratings

How do I rate my site?
When creating a site you are asked to specify the Ad Rating of ads allowed to be published on your site. You can choose from "Safe", "Safe & Teen", "All ads" or "Adult".
How does the Ad Rating affect what ads appear on my site?
For sites rated "Safe", only "Safe" rated ads can be accepted. For sites rated "Safe & Teen" only "Safe" and "Teen" rated ads can be accepted. For sites rated "All Ads", any ad can be accepted. For sites rated "Adult", only "Adult" rated ads can be accepted.
What Ad Ratings are available to Advertiser's?
The following 3 Ad Ratings available:
Content (including Ad) suitable for persons aged 12 years and under. Content may include low level violence and soft language.
Content suitable for persons aged 13 years and older. Content may contain violence, strong language and adult themes. Nudity and sexually explicit material not allowed.
Content ONLY suitable for persons aged 18 years and older. Content may include heavy violence, nudity and sexually explicit material.

Site Directory and Rate Cards

When will my site appear in the Site Directory?
Your site will appear in the Site Directory after we have reviewed the site to check that it meets certain quality criteria. This process normally happens within 24-48 hours.
What is the Rate Card?
Rate cards are provided at the site level. All the details of the site including information on restrictions and statistics on the Ad Groups are provided for potential Advertiser's. The Rate Card is the selling point for the Publisher so it does pay to ensure your site details are as thorough and accurate as possible.
Why is my Ad Group or Site not appearing in the Site Directory?
To keep the Site Directory up to date and to maintain a minimum level of quality, Ad Groups that have had no Ad Views during the day are filtered out of the Site Directory the following day. Sites with no Ad Groups in the Site Directory are also filtered out. Your Site and Ad Groups are still available for you to use, and will automatically be listed in the Site Directory the following day they become active again.


When will I receive my payment?
We send out payments on the 15th of every month for the previous month's earnings.
What ways can I receive my payment?
We provide the following methods of receiving payments: Cheque, PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfer or Account Credit.
What is the AdToll Account Credit?
If you are an Advertiser you have AdToll Account Credit where funds can be held and used at a later date to book ads. You can choose to have your Publisher payments paid directly to your Account Credit each month if you wish.
Is there a minimum payment?
Yes. Cheques require a minimum of $40 in earnings, PayPal require a minimum of $20 in earnings, Wire Transfers require a minimum of $1,000 in earnings and payments to your AdToll Account Credit have no minimum. If your earnings do not meet this minimum, the amount will be carried over to your next month's earnings.
How much is paid out by AdToll?
As detailed above, we pay out a 75% commission on all ads sold.
Are there any fees in receiving payments?
Some payment methods incur fees from a third party. We pass these fees on to the Publisher. There is a $30 fee on Wire/Bank Transfers and a $2 fee on ePassporte. Cheques will incur no fee.

Affiliate Program

What is the AdToll affiliate program?
The affiliate program allows you to make money by referring on customers to AdToll.
How can I earn as an affiliate?
As a publisher you automatically earn commissions as an affiliate through the links provided on your Ad Groups. You can also use your affiliate link to refer customers to AdToll (see Affiliate Program in your account area).
What commission can I earn?
We allow you to earn commission for Advertisers and Publishers you refer to AdToll.

Premium Publisher Program

What is the Premium Publisher Program?
The Premium Publisher Program is exclusive and recognizes top Publishers, acknowledging their professionalism and dedication.
How do I become a Premium Publisher?
We accept Publishers on a case by case basis. Minimum requirements include:
Becoming a Premium Publisher is not simply about your site's performance but the whole package you deliver Advertisers.
Why would I want to become a Premium Publisher?
Becoming a Premium Publisher means we give you more exposure and promotion resulting in a higher profile for your site.
How does AdToll promote Premium Publishers?
To raise the profile of our Premium Publishers we provide at minimum the following:

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