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Setup Your APSense
 Business Profile Setup Your Personal & Business Profile
Share your personal and business profile with the APSense community by clicking on the "My Account" tab on the main top menu then select "Update Profile". Also while you're there, don't forget to upload a photo for your profile by clicking on "Change Photo".

Helpful Tips:
Write a little about yourself personally.
Include information and links about your business website if you currently have one.

Join APSense Interest Groups Join APSense Interest Groups
Team work is one of the core ingredient of all successful businesses. Join, create, learn, communicate and interact with other common business interest people all over the world! To help you get started, on the side of this page you will find a list of recommended groups from your friends who invited you to APSense.

Helpful Tips:
Explore the "Group Directory" that best interests you, it is sorted by Honor Points(most trusted).
Also for most popular and active groups check out our Top and Hot Subjects.

Create Quality
 Content Pages for Your Business Get Paid While Creating Quality Contents to Grow Your Business
Quality content pages such as business blogs and group discussions are your most valuable APSense assets. These content pages can generate an unlimited number of targeted traffic to the business you are promoting. At the same time,
through our World of APSense concept, you will Get Paid when we display "Ads by APSense" advertisements on your content pages. There is no limit to how many content pages you can create and it is always Free!
Helpful Tips:
DO NOT write Blatant advertisements as your content. You will have a separate and More Effective "Ads by User (author)" ad space, where you can post ads of your business on your content pages.
Make sure your contents are useful and worth reading for people who would be interested in your business.
The more quality content pages you create, the more your business will grow and the more money you can earn.
Favorite it on StumbleUpon and add it to and etc.

Build Your APSense
 Network Build Your Own Private Network
At APSense your network can generate a lot of money for you! Through our World of APSense concept, when anyone in your network generates revenue from their content pages, you will earn a Percentage of what they earn. In addition, through our Affiliate Program, "You can earn up to $5 for every FREE user in your Private Network!" and "Earn up to 50% commissions on referrals that Upgrade their memberships!". So watch our 1-2-3 easy step flash presentation on "How to build your own private social network in 10 minutes".

Helpful Tips:
Check out our Promoting Materials for resources to help your promote your APSense referral link.
When telling your friends about APSense, remind them that APSense is Free and they can Get Paid through our World of APSense and Affiliate Program.
Don't forget to use our very effective Widgets to display your APSense contents on your other websites and blogs.
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