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Make Money With backlinks indonesia

backlinks and posting about comment moderation and spamming but I took backlinknya course, here's how me how to get free backlinks without having to open a long list of DoFollow blogs are boring (because I was also somewhat stronger for blogwalking).

1. First thing they have is a blog or website: D: D if guns have a blog bijimane: lol: hold (at least slightly) articles
2. If your blog or website engined Wordpress ping list add list in Dashboard-> Settings-> Writing at the bottom of the column, the following listnya




















Update: please see the ping service list for a more complete list.

(Sorry the above list may be added or subtracted depending on the website of existence itself, which may already be dead because in the long list I took from one of the forum)

Well, the point is that your blog ngeping list of ping lists above each article you publish. The benefit, of course, because the url backlink blogs / articles you would dilist on their website, on the one side of their website is frequently visited website search engine spiders like mbak kangmas Google and Yahoo, which in turn will accelerate the process pengindexan your blog.
3. OnlyWire in the list and install your favorite browser, I suggest if you want to get double the power, install it in two or three or four of the browser on your PC. Of course you need one for each browser OnlyWire account and a blog for each account PLUS OnlyWire social networking and bookmarking accounts that are different in each account OnlyWire. Huh can wear to make her account: sad: guns hard kok just need less than one hour to create an account (doh forgot how social bookmarking support OnlyWire yes, anyone know?) And will be used for the next sunny days hehe ...
4. Download and install SEnuke (if you can the latest version). Go to the section for social networking and social bookmarking, then make an account in (if you can) all the social networking and bookmarking (semi manual with this software), use later to submit articles / posts you are a social networking and bookmarking. The price there is $ 67/month there is $ 127/month, or 7 day free trial (more options available at the bottom of the post: lol:)
5. Download and install Promo Jago, or similar software such as Surya Promo etc. Use to submit your article to 600 + + free classifieds in Indonesia. They cost less than USD 30 000, -/month (more options available at the bottom of the post)
6. Download and install Wordflood 2 or if you want to free Wordflood 1.2. Menspin article helpful to copy and paste that looks original.
7. Google Translator

After the above process please get out of your seat, open your wallet to spend money to Rp 10,000, grab your bike lock and go to the store. Tell the store owner if you want to buy Sampoerna Mild cigarettes, the price is USD 9500 (at my place). If cigarettes already on hand do not take the return of USD 500 silver, tell the shop owner, "Please come later if there are beggars here, give him this money USD $ 500 because the door of my house I will be closed today because I'll be busy, thank love. " (Do not blame me if the shop owner will be menggampar you: lol:). Do not forget to go home, the shop owner if it need dikecengin cute, remember your wife or girlfriend at home.

Next is:

1. Writing articles, if you do not have an idea and wants copas doang, please search for articles in English and then you can use to menspin Wordflood article that looks original, or you can also use Google Translator to mentraslate the article in your preferred language (language Indonesia recommended) and then publish, (the process of writing an article or menspin will spend less than one cigarette sticks). After terpublish WordPress engine (if your WordPress blog) will ngeping to ping a list of websites that you have input in setting your WordPress blog, free backlink first stage.
2. Submit your articles published with OnlyWire toolbar / bookmarklet that already installed in your browser, if completed in one browser open another browser and do the same thing or it can also directly open any browser and submit the same time, if already in the process, deep breath then grab a pack of cigarettes (cigarette) in front of you, Draw just one cigarette and fuel, suction and enjoy: lol:, backlink second stage.
3. Done in open proceed OnlyWire
Standalone BookmarkPoster
Submit your articles on it. Backlink third stage
4. While waiting for the BMP path open a new tab and go to
Scuttle Submitter
Like BMP submit your article there and then ignore, the script will run itself, until this process is the cigarette you smoke has not gone halfway, backlink stage 4
5. While waiting for the one above also open a new tab again and go to
Scuttle Submitter Others Deh ...
Same as above which only have differences. Maybe the cigarette you're half way? backlink stage 5
6. Minimize your browsers (this will save CPU usage), open SEnuke and submit your article using SEnuke into social networking and bookmarking, backlinks stage 6.
7. While running SEnuke, open Jago Promo, submit your articles to (if you can) all the text ads that are available, I recommend using Promo Surya Captcha recognition because of his options (pay-dong if gratisannya Doank only 10 classified ads), stage 7 backlink.

Doh forget, the cigarette would have been discharged, Draw one more fuel rods and suction. Seven stages of backlinks will definitely make you satisfied, the result? Do not ask me, because I'm not Google, but at least your post will be indexed in a matter of less than five minutes and get at least 1000 visitors in one day (daydream mode on).

The question is, how many visitors you get? There are several factors

* With so many backlinks, you will get a few visitors from search engines if the keywords you are aiming to have a global monthly search volume a bit.
* Originality of articles, will greatly affect the ranking on the search listings. But in my experience, never outright copying of articles (PLR) and then I publish without editing no.1 in fact even for keywords in the article when the article is already long terpublish in upscale websites like in the article directory, etc.. Backlink is king?
* Number of competitors for the keywords that you shoot, how many competitors are and how big your competitors backlinks obtained could also affect the rankings.
* Interesting topics you raised whether the article for the visitors, especially if the prospective visitor to read your article on the social networking and bookmarking.

Attachment link
more options ==>> http://www.jisportal.com/forum/index.php?topic=4597.0

Jago Promo
username and password please register and input in the software jagopromo.com jagopromo

If you are satisfied with the above software please buy the original, use the above software for resource only. And of course there are many more ways to get backlinks and visitors, I try to discuss the next dipostingan.

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