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How to start?

Designing we tried to simplify registration process in all possible ways.
That's why you can create an account at in few minutes, mostly depending on a speed of your e-mail provider.
You need single user account on to start advertising and/or publishing.

How to start publishing ads?

Publishing ads is as easy as ABC. Just do the following:
  1. Create ana ccount and Sign-In.
  2. Register your site on (click My Sites in Publishers Center, then click Register New Site).
  3. Click on Advertising Blocks in My Sites list (Advertising Blocks column). Click Create. Design your adblock using AdBlock Design form and AdBlock Preview.
  4. Go to AdBlocks list of the specified site (My Sites page) and click Get Code link to get AdBlock HTML code.
  5. Palce HTML code on your website.
That's all! You will start publishing ads, besides your will take part in Affiliate Program.

How to start advertising your website?

There are two ways to start advertising:
  • The fastest, one-step way: click Advertise on this site on any AdBlock, fill the form, deposit funds and get advertised! You will be able to change any ad campaign settings using Advertisers Center.
  • The traditional way:
    1. Create ana ccount and Sign-In.
    2. Create an ad: click My Ads in Advertisers Center, then click Create.
    3. Create an advertising campaign: click My Advertising Campaigns, then click Create. Add sites and/or whole categories to your Cart. Click Step 2.
    4. Tune the CPC values for each of selected sites and categories.
    5. Set the daily campaign spend limit and click Start Campaign Now.
    6. Deposit funds.
    7. Be Advertised! Your campaign will start automatically.
Please, read FAQ to get more information.
Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact Support Department or write an e-mail.

Why Obeus?

The Idea

Thinking out we aimed at creating some kind of democratic advertisement system. What does democracy mean in connection with It means that only users have influence on system. Only users define pricing policy and play a fundamental role in system balance.
Of course it's impossible to imagine democracy without some government and basic laws. These elements guarantee that democracy won't turn to anarchy some day. In case of moderators do the work of government keeping the whole system in perfect order.

Why is different from others?

First of all, we follow the open and tolerant policy. We don't hide any rates and taxes, every user can access this information.
Secondly, we are not going to define high minimal CPC. We believe that users are able to find the golden mean themselves. So, you can even try to advertise your website for few cents per click.
Thirdly, we tried to extremely simplify the registration process so it won't take you a lot of time.
Fourthly, we are going to support a lot of electronic payment systems. We don't want to get stuck on just credit card payments. For now PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, AlertPay, LibertyReserve, e-Gold and Pecunix support is integrated, but we are working on adding other popular systems.
Fifthly, each site that doesn't break the law and has no contradictions with human moral values can join No minimal daily visitors limit is introduced.
We are planning to improve services constantly. We have a lot of interesting ideas, that - we hope - one by one will be realized in the nearest future.
The combination of all factors listed above allows us to expect great demand for this service.
Don't waste your time - join us and Be Advertised!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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