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Make Money With rpp silabus ktsp articles games videos

Start earning money with 4shared



      You are invited to   be a partner with www.4shared.com - one of the most popular online file   storage services. You can become an authorized member of 4shared   affiliate program and start earning money by offering our products to   your audience. Joining the Affiliate Program is quick and easy -   actually, you only need to have a PayPal account. You will get 20% of   each purchase, made from your place. For example, let's say, if you've   managed to sell 10 annual Premium subscriptions for $77.95 each, you   will get $155.90 income. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra   money from your online content.



      How does it work?



      Check   the 'Affiliate' tab at your account settings to get your affiliate code   (personalized links to 4shared products), which you have to distribute   by inserting to your web pages, blogs or forums to let your visitors   purchase our services. For each successful purchase, made through your   codes, you will get 20% of revenue to your balance. If the balance   exceeds $50 at the end of month, then you will receive a payment to your   PayPal account within 15 days. If your earnings are less than $50, then   you will be included in next payout list as soon as you reach this   payable minimum.



      Recurring payments



      In   fact, direct purchases are not the only revenue source. Some of our   subscription types allow recurring payments to automatically extend   subscription when expiration date is close - for instance, monthly   subscription which is automatically renewed each month. If initial   purchase was made through your affiliate code, then you will also   receive 20% from each recurring charge.     


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