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Make Money With Super-Clix

Free Traffic For Your Site

Super-Clix is a free contextually based, text ad advertising system designed to achieve maximum, highly targeted web site traffic for website owners. Through Super-Clix, your text ad is continuously displayed prominently on hundreds of site targeted web sites by category, thereby sending quality free traffic to your site.
Every web site owner knows that the success of any web site depends on quality web site traffic. Up until now, the only way to achieve this was through expensive pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns that virtually erodes any money the web site makes. To use ppc advertising for any decent campaign requires very deep pockets.
Not any more. We, at Super-Clix, have developed our very own text ad advertising system using the latest proprietary technology. We are thus able to serve a member's text ad to hundreds of content specific, targeted web sites on a continuous basis, 24/7 - at no charge to the member whatsoever. If your web site needs quality, content targeted, yet free web site traffic, then join Super-Clix now.

How This Free Traffic System Works

Simply sign up for a free traffic account and place a 2-3 line text ad with headline. Copy and paste the snippet code on your own site. This snippet code enables your web site to host a few text ads in return. Within 24 hours, after ad approval, our robot visits your web site and once it detects that your snippet code is up, your very own text ad goes live and our system serves your ad to hundreds of web sites on a continuous basis, thereby sending free traffic to your own site.

Get Started, Get Free Traffic Now!

Getting started is simple and only takes 5 minutes:
  1. Register for a free traffic account
  2. Activate your registration
  3. Create your text ad
  4. Copy and paste snippet code on your own site
  5. Once your ad is approved (within 24 hours) and our system detects snippet code on your web site, your own text ad is served to hundreds of web sites instantly and continuously.
Getting a business cash advance is not as difficult as it may seem and many people have successfully applied for and received an advance for their business in cash. Whether you want a cash advance for an American business or an international one, it�s relatively easy to get these days. It�s important that you know where to look for that cash advance loan and the steps required to apply to increase your chances of success in getting that cash advance.

A business cash advance can be used by a business for a number of reasons. Maybe you just want to do some short term general business funding to provide a bit of a cushion when cash flow is a bit strained or maybe you want that advance for business development like expansion, increased advertising or some advance business capital to complete a new contract or to purchase some new business equipment. Or maybe you just want some small business funding to start up a small business.
The requirements are different for running businesses and start-ups, especially home business start-ups, so we�ll discuss these in detail now:

Business Cash Advance And Small Business Funding For Established Businesses

If you are currently running a business and require a business cash advance, do the following:

1. Contact the bank that runs your business check account and discuss your requirements with the loan officer. You need to have your account running for at least a year with no bad checks and regular deposits to even be considered. Banks won�t normally ask for collateral if the cash advance asked is small and you have a good banking record. Banks will normally approve this cash advance in a few hours and put the cash loan into your check account as an overdraft. This a relatively easy form of business advance, interest rates are normally low and you can arrange with the bank on how to pay the loan back.
2. Private companies also provide both short term and long term business funding although the interest rates might be somewhat higher than banks.
3. In every state and in every country, you will always find a Small Business Loans Center. This institution specializes in business cash advances and you will be able to find one nearest to you in the telephone book.
4. You can also take a cash advance with your business credit card.

Business Cash Advance And Small Business Funding For Home Based Businesses, Home Based Business Start-ups And Other Start-ups

Business cash advances for these type of business opportunities is slightly more tricky as a business doesn�t exist yet and any cash advancing would be somewhat riskier:

1. Approach your bank with a business and cash flow plan. The bank will score you personally and may ask for collateral or not, depending on that score. It would be easier for you if you have a regular income like a salaried job where your salary is paid directly into the checking account of that bank.
2. Use the credit available on your credit card. If you have been handling your credit card responsibly, then your credit card company may increase your credit limit if you ask for it.
3. If you have a revolving mortgage, you can take a cash advance on the amount you have already paid.
4. Your life insurance company may be willing to provide a business cash advance to you if you have built up a cash value on one of your policies.
5. The Small Business Center also specializes in start-ups and some of them only do start-ups or home-based start-ups. Before you apply for a business cash advance using any of these methods, always have your plan and documents available. A business cash advance or business funding is not difficult to achieve if you know who to approach and what the requirement are. Daily, people are improving their financial status in their businesses after applying and receiving a business cash advance or small business funding.

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