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Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

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Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (formerly adCenter Add-in for Excel Beta) is a keyword research and optimization tool that operates seamlessly in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. It provides keyword expansion, research, pricing and KPI data, allowing you to maximize marketing ROI for your paid search and content ad campaigns. The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool lets you:
  • Quickly and easily build out lists of suggested keywords and develop informed keyword strategies based on actual Bing and MSN query data, including: relevance, volume, cost history, demographic and geographic.
  • Leverage actual historic and forecasted monthly query and content data to optimize your keyword campaigns based on what potential customers are actually doing, and spend more on what works and less on what doesn’t.
  • Tailor your bidding strategy based on pricing data for keyword-specific metrics such as clicks, impressions, position, click-through rate and cost per click.
  • Gather pricing KPIs for specific businesses to determine the monetization potential of a vertical and how well it is performing.

Download Microsoft Advertising Intelligence today to create more effective paid search and content campaigns. Also make sure to check out our six tutorial videos to get the most out of our tool.

Ready to get started?
  • Make sure you have Microsoft Office Excel 2007 installed and closed.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft Office Excel 2007, visit Office Online for a free 60-day trial version.
  • Uninstall any Beta version of adCenter Add-in for Excel.

Transfer times may vary depending on your connection type. This software will periodically check for updates. When it does, it will send some information to Microsoft about your computer, such as your Internet Protocol address. If an update or new version of the software is found, it will automatically download and install. By installing this software, you consent to the transmission of your computer information and the automatic download and installation of updates and new versions.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Support and Feedback
Visit the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Community forum to find out what people are saying about Advertising Intelligence. Also, pick up tips, troubleshoot, share your feedback and connect with other users and members of the adCenter team.

Learn more about Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
Advertising Intelligence Installation Guide (PDF, 212 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions Guide (PDF, 365 KB)
Advertising Intelligence Launch New Feature Guide (PDF, 936 KB)
Advertising Intelligence Onesheet (PDF, 442 KB)

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