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YeeHaw Mable!! I found me a manual surf exchange that's gonna let me surf and advertise all me Paid To Promote sites (PTP's). They also be lettin me advertise with them things called banners and they even got's a paid to click area. Break out the Hog's Daddy's gonna be bringin home the bacon!!
NNTP junkie
Membership details
Free Members:Upgraded Members:
2:1 Surf Ratio1.25:1 Surf Ratio OR 1:4 your choice!
Get Paid to Surf... $0.25 per 1000Get Paid to Surf... $0.25 per 1000
Cashout at $7.50Cashout at $3.50
5% commissions on Upgrades20% commissions on Upgrades
Promote up to 5 sitesPromote up to 150 sites
Random Referrals
Upgrade your downline members with your earningsUpgrade your downline members with your earnings
Daily surfing max of *1000 sitesDaily surfing max of 1500 sites or 450 (with 1:4 ratio)
250 bonus credits with upgrade
.1 credits per unique view of referral page.3 credits per unique view of referral page
25 credit bonus per verified referral100 credit bonus per verified referral
2 referral levels 10%, 5%10 referral levels 15%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%
Upgrade for better benefitsupgrade lasts for 30 days
* If there are not enough pages in rotation then the 1000 pages max surf for free members will be reduced. This is set hourly.
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