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Real Estate Resources

Real Estate Resources

Tobias Realty
Our agents come from diverse backgrounds but all are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients. Meet
Our Agents!  or  Join our Network

Gain access to over 1500 resources to help with your Real Investment Business. To register click here

Online video training from "Flip This House". Stars: Than, Paul, JD, Team Nerd & more. Weekly live mentoring calls & webinars. Free Step by step e-Course
Get your Real Estate License
Courses available online. Choice of online only or online and offline self study.

Virtual Office System
Imagine a Virtual Office System for Real Estate Professionals - Sellers, Buyers (Wholesale and Retail), Private Lenders, and Mortgage Brokers - that Helps You Manage Your Contacts, Market Your Properties and Handle All Your Incoming Calls.

Property Management Software
Easier than spreadsheets and financial software! Save hours of time and eliminate the tax season headache!

Join Our Extraordinary Web Based Real Estate Community Absolutely FREE!
Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, a newbie, or a broker, you can be on the cutting edge of all the real estate related news, features, and money making tools. 

Virtual Deal Factory

Connect with other investors to purchase and sell properties. Learn about virtual Real Estate investing. Get buyer leads. Find properties nationally and locally.

Equity Property Deals

Find wholesale properties and other deals. Register to get regular updates.

Web Sites For Real Estate Investors

If you are a real estate investors, you need more than one website. Virtual Wholesale Investing websites.
Mentoring Financial Group
Learn how to cash in on today's investment opportunities. Find a mentor to show you how.
Done-For-You Campaigns For Every Business Model
Our current campaign bundles revolve around automating the marketing for the top 'Money-Making Strategies' for Real Estate Investors as well as powering the specific direct mail strategies for some of the biggest marketers in the business

  Revolutionary New web-based marketing system rapidly accelerates your Real Estate Investing Profits as you send purchase offers on UP to 1,500 properties for sale withing the commonly overlooked MLS (Multiple Listing Service)...Fully Automated!

Welcome to the fastest
way to meet qualified investors. Old methods were frustrating and time consuming. But, now for the first time technology and our investor resources give you effectiveness at your fingertips.

Downloadable Real Estate Forms
Investment & For Sale By Owner Contracts and Forms
Accelerate your Real Estate..Connected Investors allows you to easily leverage the education, experience, influence & perhaps even capital of more experienced local and national investors.

Investor Education-Learn different strategies to take your Real Estate Investing to a whole new level.
Other Real Estate Resources:

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