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Top tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote

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Top tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote

Fit an alarm

Fit an approved alarm and immobiliser, such as a Thatcham 1 or Thatcham 2. All improvements to security should help to lower your car insurance costs. Some insurers could even insist on sophisticated tracking devices before they will insure expensive cars.

Change your excess

Change the excess you are prepared to pay on any claim to reduce the premium. With voluntary excess the more you are willing to cover yourself in the event of an accident the lower your premium.

Check your mileage

Check your mileage to make sure you are not paying extra for miles you are not covering in your car. If, for example, you change jobs and have a shorter commute to work you could be saving money. Try and work out how many miles you will genuinely cover - but don't get it wrong as inaccuracy could jeopardise your claim.

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Minimise your optional extras

Only select to have a courtesy car or legal expenses if you really need them, as they may increase your premium. The less your motor insurance company has to provide in the event of an accident, the lower your costs.

Be careful where you park

Keep your car parked in a locked garage overnight if you can - this can help reduce the premium. More than 50% of vehicle thefts occur during the night so if your car is safely locked away it makes sense that your insurance costs will be reduced as a consequence. If you don't have access to a garage, then parking on a driveway is generally considered a lower risk than parking on the road. It's less likely that vandalism, theft or accidental damage will occur when you're off the highway.

Pass Plus

If you're a new driver looking to get your first car and car insurance we'd highly recommend that you take your Pass Plus in order to reduce your premiums. The Pass Plus certificate can only be obtained within the first year of passing your practical driving test.
You'll be taking 6 lessons where you'll become competent in the following areas:
  • Driving in town
  • Driving out of town
  • Driving in all Weathers
  • Driving at night
  • Driving on a dual carriageway
  • Driving on a motorway
There is no test to take at the end of the course. When your instructor is satisfied with your performance you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).
This certificate you will earn you large discounts with a whole host of insurance companies participating in the Pass Plus scheme.

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