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What is the best way to figure out the keywords you should be targeting?

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There are many tools available to help with keyword discovery. However all tools will fall into two main categories: suggestions based on industry traffic and suggestions based on your account’s traffic.

Industry Traffic:
The tools that fall under this category include keyword suggestions that come from users searching for products/subjects related to the industry you specify. Most of these tools allow you to input generic words related to your industry and will suggest keywords that are related to your inputted words. A free Google keyword expansion tool can be found at Other tools are more comprehensive but come with a fee. A search for 'keyword discovery tools' while bring back more options.

Account Traffic:
To see keyword suggestions based on your own traffic will require a tracking system or search query report. Seeing how your account offers keywords in Broad/Phrase/Advanced match types, the search engines will show your ads on keywords you don’t have within your account. These search query reports will give you insight on what words users are searching for and can bring to your attention new keywords to target. This report is currently available by Google for free.

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