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Why Validation Status my windows

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Validation Status: Action Required

The validation process cannot continue because your web browser is not configured to run the script required by the validation process. To extend the functionality of a Mozilla-based Web browser, you can download the required plug-in and continue with the validation
The following will help you fix this problem and continue with validation.
  1. In the WgaPluginInstaller.exe pop up window, select Save File.
  2. Open the .exe and follow the steps to install the plug-in.
  3. Once the plug-in is installed, click the Refresh button below to verify that the plug-in loaded correctly.
    Windows Genuine Advantage Plug-in loaded correctly.
  4. If the message shows that the plug-in loaded correctly, then click the Continue button below to resume the validation process.
  5. If the message does not show that the plug-in is loaded correctly, you have two options. You may click on the Continue to learn why the plug-in failed to install. Otherwise, you may click the Validate Now button below to launch the alternate validation process (optimized for browsers unable to run the original validation script).

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