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You want to make money while you surf ? With neoptc

Welcome to NeoPTC!

NeoPTC is an innovative PTC site. Here you can earn simply by viewing all the advertisements we display.

Our strong advertisers base and low minimum payout of $2 gives you an opportunity to earn good money fast.

You will earn up to $0.015 for your clicks with an average of 20 advertisements a day. However, you can increase your earnings by referring other people and earning up to $0.003 from every single click of your referrals.

Example of earnings (results may vary)
You click 20 ads a day: $0.25
100 referrals click 20 ads a day: $6
You earn every month: $187.5

Advertise at NeoPTC

After trying our advertisement service, you will never switch to anyone else. Our unbeatable prices start from $2 per 1000 visits.

These are the key benefits of advertising with us:

  • Choose any plan you want (from 100 views to 100,000 views)

  • Use both text links and banners

  • Choose the time you want to show the ad for (10 sec, 25 sec, 45 sec & 60 sec)

  • Geo-target your advertisement

  • Show it to investors only

  • Control the schedule of the clicks

  • Advanced cheaters protection guarantees you high quality traffic by real humans.

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