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rika Sawajiri is a Japanese starlet that is rising in fame in Japan

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:36 AM PDT

Erika Sawajiri is a Japanese starlet that is rising in fame in Japan and other Asian region.
Picture of Erika Sawajiri

Erika Sawajiri Profile

Name: Erika Sawajiri
Japanese name: 沢尻エリカ
Nickname: Aachan, Kacchan
DOB: April 8, 1986
Place of birth: Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Height: 160cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress, model and singer
(Also known as Sawajiri Erika, Kaoru Amane, Erica)
Erika Sawajiri Biography
Erika Sawajiri is born to a Japanese father and an Algerian-French mother. Her name Erika is derived from a flower's name, Ericaceae's Erica.
Erika started her entertainment career as a freelance teenage model before signing for Stardust (talent agency) after passing an audition in 1999. She entered the entertainment world because she wanted to meet her idol, Japanese pop star Namie Amuro.
Erika continued to work as a teenage model before making her TV debut in 2001 as a regular in a Japanese variety show. She extended her modelling career as a gravure idol (bikini model) at just about the same time.
Erika made her drama debut in 2003 with a small role in "Hotman", starring Takashi Sorimachi. Her breakthrough came in 2004 with movie "Pacchigi" which won her multiple movie awards as best newcomer.
Erika then rose to super-stardom in 2005 with acclaimed TV drama "1 Liter of Tears", in which she starred as a teenager with degenerative disease, based on a real life story.
Erika launched her music career in 2006, using the name Kaoru Amane, her character from TV drama "Taiyou no Uta" (not to be confused with same titled movie, starring another Japanese starlet Yui).
Erika's debut single was quite a hit and topped the Oricon chart. She released her 2nd single, "Free" in July 2007 using her name Erika, and hit the #1 spot on Oricon chart once again.
Erika's booming entertainment career however suffered a setback in Sept 2007 when she was promoting her movie "Closed Note" in an official event, where she showed some nasty attitude.
In a country (Japan) where politeness is everything, her gimmick drew huge criticism from the public. The media and some celebrities had openly criticised her attitude, and some of her fans had showed no mercy with this issue as well.
Erika had to make a career saving apology on her website a few days later.
Erika is currently taking a long break from her entertainment career; she left Japan for London in early January. Her future career plans remain uncertain.

female Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:30 AM PDT

Nozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ ,Sasaki Nozomi, born February 19, 1983) is a female Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa, Japan. Her real name is written "佐々木望" and is pronounced the same. A fairy face properly describes Nozomi Sasaki in WPB No. 15. Rose petals and Nozomi in a tub is so inviting!
Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希 | Birthday: 1988.2.8 | Hometown: Kurashiki City, Okayama pref. | Blood type: AB | Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希 ささきのぞみ is a pretty 20 year Japanese fashion model and gravure idol from Akita prefecture. Nozomi-chan started as a teen model when she won two modeling competitions Young Jump's GYARUKON Grand Prix 2005 and Princess Pinky Grand Prix 2006. She has been featured many times as fashion model for Pinky magazine though she has also been featured Young Jump, Up To Boy, Weekly Playboy, Sabra, Bidan and some fashion catalogs . |
She has also appeared in several TV commercials for CHERICHE perfume, POLA cosmetics, Sokenbicha Tea 爽健美茶 (Coca Cola), NTT Do Co Mo, Sony Internet SO-Net and Kate Ruber jewellery, a music video for Jpop group Aqua Timez and besides wanting to be a successful model, her future plan is to have an acting or TV career. She co hosts TVMX's Entertainment Audition show Garimpeiro ガリンペイロeX and Wowwow's UEFA Euro 2008 soccer coverage.

ozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ, Sasaki Nozomi?

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:29 AM PDT

ozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ, Sasaki Nozomi?, born February 19, 1983) is a female Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa, Japan. Her real name is written "佐々木望" and is pronounced the same.

simply as Nozomi during her fashion modeling career

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:28 AM PDT

Nozomi Sasaki (佐々木 希, Sasaki Nozomi?, born February 8, 1988), previously known simply as Nozomi during her fashion modeling career, is a Japanese glamour model and former professional fashion model from Akita. After working as a fashion model for nearly 7 years, she has become famous as a gravure idol and main ringside commentator / spokesperson for the mixed martial arts competition Dream Fighting Championships and the kickboxing competition K-1 World Max since 2009. Since late 2008 she has released five photobooks and two DVDs, and has also made countless appearances on television, magazines, and ads unrelated to fashion / cosmetic, including ones for Coca-Cola's green tea products, Suntory's 3 soft drink products, So-net, Willcom, Fujifilm, Kao, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. and Seiko's Tisse brand line created for and dedicated to her. She has also endorsed an accessory brand, Cotton Cloud, since June 2010 when it was created for her and its first flag shop opened in Harajuku. She was given the nickname "No Mercy" for her countless reported atrocities toward other show-business girls she worked with, in her teenage years, especially toward actresses, glamour models, and fashion models from foreign countries, whom she considered to be "fat".

 Born in Akita, she finished elementary school and attended a middle school there for a short period. Sasaki began modeling at the age of around 14. She modeled mainly in the collection circuit, and for fashion / cosmetic advertisements. In the latter years of her modeling career, she was a featured model and contributor to the now defunct Pinky magazine. She first appeared on the cover of Pinky in July 2007, along with another cover girl, Emi Suzuki. One theory suggests that Suzuki was the person who brought Sasaki to the commercial modeling field after she discovered Sasaki when Sasaki was planning to retire from modeling, and it has been noted that Sasaki already appeared at the time to be significantly chubbier than she used to be. After further intentionally gaining weight, she began appearing on the youth-targeted weekly manga magazine Young Jump and several of other magazines as a glamour model (gravure idol) in late 2008. She released her first photobook, Nozomi, in August of that year. She made her first landing on the top cover of Young Jump in January 2009. This caused surprises in many fields. Model Coco Kinoshita who was close to Sasaki officially commented about this, "that dreadful one who tortured everyone now has extra weight on her chest and whole body, smiling for innocent boys with burning sticks!".

She released her first full DVD, Dolly, and two photobooks, Sasaki Nozomi in Tenshi no Koi and Non, in 2009. In early 2010 she was specially featured by 2.4 million selling manga series Usogui on Young Jump, and released her fourth photobook Prism. Despite her breast size which has been known as one of the smallest in the gravure scene, she became a successful model by the end of 2010 in the field where breast size is regarded as a vital factor. At that time she also began appearing on the Non-no magazine, a biweekly girl-next-door-orientated fashion magazine that does not usually feature people like her. Though after becoming more of a gravure idol than a professional model, Sasaki was heavily featured in a spring fashion collection presented by the magazine and BS-TBS, and soon after that, she landed on the top cover of the magazine. These appearances have been described as like an "invasion", as she has significantly changed the magazine's tone. Some critics have suggested that the magazine has been destroyed by Nozomi Sasaki. She has regularly appeared on over 10 television programs and over 20 television commercials since 2009. Her first huge hit on the TV scene was a TV commercial for Lotte's new chewing gum product Fit's, where she performed a "silly dance" called the Fit's dance.

Fit's became a smash hit, selling over 40 million in its first 5 months in the Japanese gum market where 4 million-per-year is considered large success. In March 2009, she was chosen as the image character for a special advertising campaign by the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, a governmental publishing trade association run by the Ministry of Education. During the campaign between July 21, 2009 - August 20, 2009, her portrait appeared in 300 different magazines and as 30,000 posters for bookstores and public libraries all over Japan, 100,000 posters hung in trains in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai area, and 2,009 prepaid cards. Having made a cameo appearance in the romantic comedy Handsome Suit as well as minor roles in two television serials, Sasaki scored a major breakthrough in her budding acting career with the lead role in the 2009 sentimental romance film Tenshi no Koi, where she played a teenage girl in a fragile relationship with an older man played by Shosuke Tanihara. The film became an instant hit and was also distributed in some nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. In 2010, she acted in the television drama Dohyo Girl where she played a model who became the coach of a high school sumo team.

This was the first time in her acting career that she took the lead role in a television drama series. She also made her singing debut in July 2010 with the catch phrase "Heta de Gomenne!" ("Forgive my tone-deafness!") when she released a single, Kamu to Funyan feat. Astro, which debuted at number one on the Oricon singles chart. At the end of 2010 she released her second single titled Jin Jin Jingle Bell, a cover version of Chisato Moritaka's 1995 hit. She was expected to participate in the NHK Kohaku show, an annual New Year's Eve musical TV show, but when she was asked about it by the press during the commemoration event for Jin Jin Jingle Bell, she stated that she did not wish to appear on it. She stated that she could not sing and was shy, implying she would never perform her songs live in public. As a result, she did not attend the show. The topic of her fashion modeling years has occasionally become a matter of public interest, although she has never spoken about it. In April 2010 a photographer mentioned Sasaki in an interview, saying he witnessed Sasaki's first meeting with Yukina Kinoshita, a commercial model who has been known as a notorious brawler, a former member of a bosozoku gang team in real life, and has become Sasaki's co-worker. The photographer apparently, in 2008, witnessed their pre-brawling scene where Kinoshita picked a fight with Sasaki, pouncing on Sasaki, but Kinoshita got away from it after Sasaki caught Kinoshita's arm, staring at her, and Kinoshita got "seriously freaked out".

Kinoshita later commented on this shortly before her retirement, confirming it and describing Sasaki as something on a different level from a mere brawler. In August 2010, she landed on the cover of the anan magazine, with a black dress and a body shape slightly reminiscent of her past as a fashion model. At that time she signed a new endorsement contract with FinePix of Fujifilm and attended its ceremonial press conference, with another black dress designed by her former fan Razor Ramon HG and a body shape fairly reminiscent of her past as a fashion model. Some of the fashion press made mention of these appearances. The September number of the Ray magazine headlined "«Nozomi» has returned?", and associated the black dresses with some of her past nicknames related to the black color such as "Black Surgeon / Black Maiden". Sankei Shimbun, a decent newspaper not a tabloid, also featured this appearance, referring to her as "Nozomi". In November 2010, Akita Prefecture chosen her as one of the two official PR-Ambassadors, along with Natsuki Kato, with the purpose of creating a better image of the prefecture. The mayor Norihisa Satake officially commented on the selection that he was hoping that she would eradicate Akita's image being snowy and dark, with her image being fine and cheerful. She has been known for her reticence and spiritless, apathetic attitude seeming lack of emotion on television, but one unusual incident was observed on January 5, 2011 when she was on the live television show Reco Hits, a midnight music show she has regularly appeared on as a host. At one point during Kana Uemura's song about family, "Toire no Kamisama", was introduced, she broke down in tears. This was considered the first time for Sasaki to cry on media.

Nozomi Sasaki cute curly hairstyle

Nozomi Sasaki beautiful smile

dewi persik

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:26 AM PDT

kemben melorot dewi persik bugil

ross-Training: Is a must for any runner

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:24 AM PDT

Cross-Training: Is a must for any runner, but as you age the relationship between cross-training and running becomes even more important. For a different, low impact, cross-training option, see our recent post on Aqua Running (or Pool Running). Core exercises have become another essential, here's some good ones from Runners World.

s it okay to go for another girl in the time it takes girl #1 to pee?

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:13 AM PDT

It's a Saturday night, you're hitting the d-floor being grinded on by a total hottie. At the very least, she seems cute under low lighting after a few beers. You pull a few moves and end up locking lips, until after few minutes of making-out she leans up at you and says the seven un-sexiest words known to man: "I have to go to the bathroom". She then disappears into the mysterious, perfume-filled place known as the ladies' toilets, and you never find her again.

What happens when she goes to the bathroom?

Often girls use the excuse of needing to go to the toilet to get away from guys. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that sometimes it's true. Contrary to popular belief, girls do have bodily functions; how else would the line for the ladies' room be so long? So, how do you determine if a girl actually needs to attend to the needs of her bladder, or is just blowing you off? What is the appropriate course of action in these situations? Here are a few pointers.

Has she gotten what she wanted?

It's possible that all she desired was a quick pash. If she seems uninterested after you've hooked in, then chances are she's using that excuse for a quick escape.

Has she left her friends there?

If she's with a friend or two and leaves them on the dance floor during her toilet break, then she has to come back for them. If you stay put, then this also involves coming back to you, just make sure not to hit on her friends in the meantime. Be aware that converses do not apply. If she takes a girlfriend to the bathroom with her, it doesn't necessarily mean she's not interested. This is just an example of the common phenomenon of girls going to the toilet in groups for mysterious reasons not known to man.

Is it okay to go for another girl in the time it takes girl #1 to pee?

Only if you're fairly confident that it was just an excuse, otherwise it is a dick move. If girl 1# comes back only to see you sucking another woman's face, she could very well be heartbroken. At the very least, move to a different location so you are less likely to be spotted. However, if you have a chance with someone substantially hotter, then go for it!

What to say.

It's difficult to know how to respond when someone tells you about their bodily functions, especially if they're a random. When she tells you she needs to go, and you're not sure if that is a legitimate needs, you could try saying something along the lines of "Need some assistance?" if you're a bit of a comedian and feeling ballsy. If she says no, you haven't lost anything. And if she says yes, then the opportunity for some dirty toilet cubicle sex may arise. Or, you could try saying "Me too!" and see if she's like "come with me" or gives a less receptive response. For the more subtle types, you could throw her a wink and say "I'll be waiting" or "Meet me at the bar".

The difficulty with this excuse is that it's so believable- when the alcohol is flowing, inevitably it needs to come out the other end at some stage. However, asking around has suggested that, more often than not, it's a legitimate excuse and the girl in question really does need to go. But girls are usually aware that leaving to go to the bathroom signals disinterest, and if they are really interested in you, they will try to let you know.

Poke fun at yourself—but don’t be self-deprecating

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:13 AM PDT

To ask a man if he'd like to date hotter girls is like asking him if he wants to have more money, grow a bigger penis, or never again get a hangover. What self-respecting dude wouldn't?! Most men, however, don't realize that there's a system to dating hotter girls.

You can't just keep doing what you've always done and expect different results. If you're not already dating hotter girls, something needs to change. Unfortunately, I can't pinpoint exactly what's holding you back from dating more attractive women without meeting and observing you.

I can, however, outline the most common mistakes that most guys make when they interact with gorgeous women. As much as I'd like to say "a girl's always a girl," everyone knows that hot girls can sometimes throw us off our path. So keep these "rules" in mind the next time you're in the presence a stunner.

Rule 1: Do not take her—or the interaction—seriously until you sleep with her

Not as hard as you'd think

That rule may sound harsh, but it's what hot women are looking for. Very often guys assign all sorts meaning and significance to meaningless and insignificant things. We can all remember a time when a super hot girl gave us her number and we couldn't stop thinking about her.

And that's just one example of the multitude of things most guys take way too seriously when dealing with hot women. I consistently get dates with hot women using this rule alone. Once I have a girl's number, I will "play the number" until I get her out. Often though, before I get her out, I'll hit some "bumps" in the road: she'll flake several times, ignore me, or say things to deter me.

If I took the interaction seriously at all these little "bumps" would destroy me. But I don't—in fact, it's all just fun and meaningless to me. She likes me? Cool. She's ignoring me? Cool. She flaked? Cool. She meets me for a date? Cool.

To attract very hot women, you have to be even keel the whole time. This applies to both the good moments and the bad moments. All-too-often guys invest all sorts of emotions into a girl they don't even know. It may be hard to keep your cool, but always remind yourself that if you haven't slept with her, it's all just fun and meaningless. Don't take her, the interaction, or—most importantly—yourself too serious.

Rule 2: Connect with her on a deep level

While you shouldn't be taking her seriously, you should be connecting with her in a very deep way. Very attractive women are accustomed to guys acting like cartoon characters around them. Guys are constantly nervous, walking on eggshells, and trying too hard to make her happy.

Very rarely does a hot girl meet a guy who "gets her." Like any human, hot women have aspirations, hopes, dreams, hobbies, goals, and interests. To really make a lasting impression on her, it's your job to quickly figure out what those things are, and to steer the conversation toward those topics.

Discussing superficial topics with beautiful women is not a good game plan! I've found the more beautiful the woman, the deeper the conversation should be. Recently I brought a Russian model to an event as my date. This girl is absolutely stunning—literally she ignores phone calls from musicians and celebrities. That evening, we had one of the deepest and most personal conversations I've ever had with a girl whose last name I don't even know.

To really "hone" this skill, you can't fake it. You actually need to enjoy and understand your passions and interests. Watching the occasional sports game and playing poker aren't really topics that lend themselves to deep conversation. If you want to date hotter girls, you should make yourself a more awesome guy. And then use that awesomeness to create deep connections.

Rule 3: Poke fun at yourself—but don't be self-deprecating

All these rules build on one another. And so, to show a woman you don't take the interaction very seriously, while simultaneously not interrupting the "flow" or "vibe" of the interaction, get comfortable with poking fun at yourself.

Guys who try to come across as "perfect" bombard hot women all the time. Whether it's outright bragging or subtle "hints," guys are always trying to convince hotties that they're cool, rich, successful, or powerful. Unfortunately, you can't convince a woman of anything—she has to come to that conclusion herself. There's nothing a guy can say to influence that conclusion.

Moreover, most guys are so afraid of poking fun at themselves that they wreck the vibe. For example, I was on a date the other night with a complete hotty, and I dropped my fork. When I bent over to pick it up, I almost knocked over the dinner table, knocking over the bottle of wine and spilling it everywhere. For most guys, a clumsy move like that would sink them. But I just laughed and said, "Wow, most awkward date moment ever. How am I ever going to recover from that?"

Rather than let my blooper ruin the date, it actually made it better. The girl started laughing and said, "Yeah, that was pretty bad!" And we bonded over "bad date moments," which turned into talking about our philosophy on dating and relationships (an example of making deep connections, rule 2).

While I'm 100-percent in favor of being "egoless" and laughing at yourself, you shouldn't constantly put yourself down or become a clown. You want your joking to add to the vibe, not override it. So don't go overboard. Make the occasional barb at yourself when the opportunity presents itself, but don't become a one-trick pony.

>>>To Learn More From Rob, Check Out "The 4 Elements of Game" where he breaks down game into four simple adjustments.

supermodel Stephanie Seymour

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:06 AM PDT

One of the more unspoken moments during the whole "going back home during the holidays" yearly ritual is when the Prodigal Son goes back into his old room for the first time in awhile, closes the door, heads either into an old dusty dresser, crawls under his bed, unlocks some kind of lock box, or moves a false bookcase in order to allow entry into a hidden room, and jerk off to his old high school porn. For my up-and-coming years (so to speak) supermodel Stephanie Seymour was one of my mainstays. As such, it seems appropriate to revisit why she made such an effect on us, as a society, culture, and generation. Here's to you, Ms. Stephanie.

make slide show blonde

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:05 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

online dating profiles and give them advice on how to fix them

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:03 AM PDT

For the past couple of years I've been offering a service on my website were I personally review guys' online dating profiles and give them advice on how to fix them so that they can get dates. Doing this is fun for me because I really enjoy helping guys succeed with online dating, and I know from personal experience how amazing it feels to go from being dateless to going on three or more dates per week…

Make it exciting!

That being said, after years of doing this and reviewing hundreds and hundreds of profiles it's painfully obvious that most guys are making the same exact mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes that I see guys making everyday is having a dating profile that is really boring. This is like the kiss of death online because if you can't stand out from the mass of boring drones and communicate the right way in your profile, you're not going to be getting any dates…

So how do you spice things up and write a profile that commands a response? Well here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. No Boring Pictures

Of course the very first thing that any woman will look at when you hit her up on a dating site is your photograph, and if it stinks that's gonna be all she looks at. Unfortunately most guys post really boring pictures of themselves that convey very little about their personalities and accomplish very little in terms of sparking attraction.

Sure if you are naturally handsome dude you can just post a pic of yourself smiling and get a fair response. But in most cases it really helps to get a photo or two that show you living an interesting life, and give her something to comment on. Sitting at the table drinking a glass of orange juice doesn't cut it…

2. Learn How to "Spin" Things

One thing a lot of guys have trouble with is describing themselves in an interesting way. They ask me how they can make themselves seem dynamic when they have boring jobs that they do fifty hours a week and their hobbies are playing Xbox and trying to pick up chicks. Of course if you are a pro snowboarder and you DJ at fancy clubs as a side gig that's gonna sound pretty cool plainly stated. But for those of us who lead humble lives the secret is learning how to spin things.

Now I'm not talking about lying here, or even exaggerating. Instead the trick is using your words to make even the most mundane things seem fascinating. For instance if you work at the Gap, instead of saying "I fold shirts a the Gap full time" you could talk about how you love working in the heart of the city and talk about the fun that you have on your lunch breaks going down by the river and soaking up the midday sun…

3. Give Her a Call to Action

One of the most powerful and dynamic parts of any good online dating profile is the sentence at the end where you tell the girl to get in touch with you. In sales this is something that we refer to as a "call to action". Basically after you've given her your spiel about who you are and what you are looking for, give her instructions on exactly what you want her to do next. Unfortunately most guys have incredibly weak calls to action or they just leave them out all together.

You'd be amazed how much your response rate can improve merely by tacking a line on the end that says: "If you've read this far then you probably should just go ahead and send me an email… who knows, we could be sippin' sangria by the ocean together by next THURSDAY!"

It's incredible how many more women you can engage just by making simple changes like these. To learn more smooth online dating tactics that will revolutionize your dating life,watch this free video presentation by clicking here.

super blonde word

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 03:01 AM PDT

Super Blonde Word Slideshow: Siiponline's trip to Bandung, Java, Indonesia was created by TripAdvisor. See another Bandung slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

becoming more and more fashionable

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 12:11 AM PDT

Asian Hair Cut For Girls1. We are in the 21st centurynow and as the technology is advancing in a rapid rate, people are also becoming more and more fashionable. There are lots of  for which you can go for but one thing you will have to keep in mind before going for any  is to check for the body structure and different  which are suitable for your face so that you can look beautiful with a good personality. There are many ways other than  which will make you look beautiful like plastic surgeries, make ups etc but these will cost you a lot and not everyone can afford such methods to look beautiful.
Asian Hair Cut For Girls1. Changing your hairstyles to a new one is definitely a best way by which you can change your own looks and that too in less cost.  are really good looking and if you are planning for a  or getting a  then you can go for these hairstyles. The best part of these hairstyles is that, no matter how you look, your face will really get a beautiful look with all the charm and attraction.
Asian Hair Cut For Girls1. Many people think thatasian hairstyles are only for Asian people and that people from America or from east would not look good in these asian haircuts but it is not true. As long as you really want a beautiful hairstyle, can go for Japanese hairstyles. These hairstyles are different for different people according to their body size and age. For example, young people can go for short hairstyles, men can go for medium haircuts and girls can go for long haircuts.

Asian Hair Cut For GirlsAsian Hair Cut For Girls

Asian Hair Cut For Girls

Tips for Bridal Nails

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 12:10 AM PDT

Having gorgeous nails on your wedding day is a great idea and you need to do something special to have hot stylish nails as your hands will be on front and center on this day. All brides spend enough time in selecting right dress and other accessories and go through different beauty treatments. Thinking of nails beauty is also one of the pre wedding preparations. Here are some special tips for bridal nails:
  • Do manicure on weekly basis and pedicure once a month before six months of your wedding day. Consult a nail specialist and have treatment if your nails are weak.
  • Do special care of your hands & feet at home. Apply some nail oil or balm for better growth and healthy nails and avoid dish washing and dealing with soil in garden.
  • Select your wedding day shade for your nails that will be in best combination with your dress. Consult your beautician or manicurist in this regard.
  • Length of your nails must not be too long.
  • If you find it difficult for you to do nail art then you can also get some ready to use false nails with best art on them in different colors, sizes and styles. Here are some cool pictures of you to select best one or go to beauty saloons with an idea in your mind.

eye lashes and make them clear andshine

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 12:08 AM PDT

Eyelashes Care Tips
Eye Lashes Care 
Eyes are one of the most valuable gifts of God. To enhance the beauty of the valuable gift, God makes . Which is no doubt another very precious thing as it not onlyprotect our eyes but also make them more beautiful and impressive. Eyes are also one of the most prominent parts of our face.
No one can resist the charm and allure of long eye lashes fluttering like a butterfly with the blink of an eye. Eye lashes not only protect our eyes from dust particles, foreign objects, sun light and perspiration but alsoenhances the beauty and shine of eyes.
Eyelashes Care TipsWash your eyes and lashes daily with fresh and cool water. It will refresh your eye lashes and make them clear andshine. Use castor oil for long, shinny and healthy . Castor oil is very good for eye lashes care. Pore some castor oil in your palm and apply it on your eye lashes with finger . it can keep your  from  from breaking and grow new lashes.It is suggested to apply castor oil before going to bed. Rub your eyelashes with olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil for hair growth and shine. Essential vitamins like A,B and C are necessary for eyes and lashes care.

Exercise and sweat out toxins in your body

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 11:59 PM PDT

Natural Beauty Tips
Natural Beauty Tips
This page contains all informtion about Natural Beauty Tips and all about Natural Beauty Tips ,Natural Beauty Tips 2011,Natural Beauty Tips trend, ,latest Natural Beauty Tips fashion.
Natural Beauty Tips1. Use anti aging moisturizers
This is the best time to look for a more reliable anti aging moisturizers. Look for something with enhanced potency. This way, the ingredients will really work in sprucing up the core functions of your skin.
Natural Beauty Tips2. Your diet should be rich in Vitamins A, C and E and proteins
These vitamins help a lot in tissue repair and moisturization. But they also work as antioxidants. These vitamins will help get rid of free ranging radicals deeper.Proteinson the other handare necessary for the production of functionalkeratinOrdinary proteins are converted into functional ones.
Natural Beauty Tips
3. Exercise and sweat out toxins in your body
Lots of toxins can accumulate in your body due to pollution and the foods you eat. Through exercise, you can get rid of the toxins that have accumulated. Sweat will purge out harmful substances that might cause weakening of skin functions.
4. Sleep early
Your body undergoes regenerating functions when you sleep. In addition to that, growth hormones are released during sleep. Get at least 6 hours of sleep in order to support the regenerative functions of the body.

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Cara cepat memutihkan kulit - cara cepat memutihkan kulit dengan alami. Mungkin anda ingin memutihkan kulit anda dengan cara yang cepat? Atau ingin mengetahui cara memutihkan kulit wajah dengan cepat maupun cara memutihkan tubuh agar terlihat bercahaya dan mulus. Bagimana caranya?
Memiliki kulit wajah yang sehat bersinar memang menjadi dambaan setiap wanita. 

Memutihkan kulit bukan lah hal yang aneh di masa modern seperti sekarang ini, dan ternyata bukan hanya wanita saja yang melakukan perawatanmemutihkan kulit. Pria juga tidak mau ketinggalan untuk melakukan perawatan memutihkan kulit agar kulit tampak lebih putih. Yakni ingin memutihkan kulitnya yang kurang putih entah karena tuntutan pekerjaan atau keinginan tersendiri supaya dilirik oleh lawan jenisnya dalam rangka mencari jodoh.

Foto Kulit Putih

Well, Biar bagaimanapun juga, kulit kering memang tidak sedap untuk dipandang dan disentuh, karena menimbulkan kesan kurangnya perawatan diri yang pada akhirnya akan menimbulkan kesan negatif dan ilfil oleh lawan jenis jadi intinya biar terlihat menarik seseorang wajib memutihkan kulitnya seperit memutihkan kulit wajah dan memutihkan kulit tubuh.

Kulit wajah adalah hal paling merepotkan bagi tiap wanita untuk memutihkannya. Di antara bahan-bahan aktif yang sekarang mulai dipakai baik di kedokteran maupun di salon kecantikan untuk memutihkan kulit adalah dengan cara pengelupasan sel-sel mati seperti produk dengan bahan-bahan aktif. Kulit yang halus kini sudah menjadi kebutuhan banyak orang. Karena itu, banyak produk perawatan kulit ditawarkan. Tak hanya memutihkan kulit atau menjaga kelembabannya saja, tapi juga untuk menjaga agar kulit tetap semulus bayi.

Berikut ada beberapa bahan-bahan untuk membantu Anda untuk memutihkan kulit secara alami agar senantiasa terlihat indah di pandang mata, tidak hanya menghaluskan tetapi juga menyehatkan. Inilah dia....

Jeruk Nipis
Buah yang satu ini lebih dikenal sebagai penghilang bau amis, atau campuran penyedap makanan. Tapi sebenarnya air jeruk nipis ini juga banyak manfaatnya untuk kecantikan dan kesehatan. Air yang berasal dari daging buah ini dikenal sanggup membuat pori-pori mengecil dan menghilangkan kelebihan lemak pada jenis kulit berminyak.

Manfaat :

Untuk merapatkan pori-pori kulit. Ambil daging jeruk nipis, oleskan pada kulit wajah. Biasanya di sekitar hidung dan pipi yang pori-porinya terlihat besar. Untuk memutihkan dan menghaluskan kulit. Usapkan potongan jeruk nipis pada wajah dan kulit bagian tubuh lainnya.


Konon alpukat banyak sekali nianfaatnya terutama untuk kecantikan. Dengan ilmu pengetahuan, terbukti bahwa alpukat memang kaya vitamin, mineral dan minyak alami. Alpukat banyak mengandung vitamin A, C, dan E, zat besi, potasium, niasin, asam pantotenik serta protein yang tidak biasanya terdapat dalam buah. Semua zat ini berguna bagi keindahan dan kesehatan kulit.

Manfaat :

Sebagai pelembab. Ambil bagian dalam kulit alpukat, yang mengandung humektan, dan mampu menahan kelembaban kulit. Gosokkan secara lembut ke seputar wajah dan biarkan selama 15 menit. Setelah itu basuhlah wajah menggunakan air dingin. Lakukan malam hari sebelum Anda tidur karena malam hari adalah waktu yang tepat bagi kulit untuk bekerja. Wajah yang terjaga kelembabannya membuat make- up bertahan lama sesudahnya.

Penggunaan Masker dan Lulur untuk Memutihkan Kulit

Penggunaan masker merupakan salah satu upaya untuk mempercantik diri dengan perawatan menggunakan beberapa jenis tumbuhan seperti halnya sayuran. Masker dapat menegangkan dan melicinkan kulit. Penggunaan produk tumbuhan termasuk dalam pembuatan masker. Kulit yang masih remaja boleh menggunakan masker dari sayuran seperti ketimun, tomat, bengkuang, kentang, wortel.

Masker Bengkuang : Dapat memutihkan dan menghilangkan tanda hitam dan pigmentasi di kulit.
Masker Kentang : Dapat melembutkan dan memutihkan kulit.
Masker Tomat : Dapat menghaluskan dan melicin


Lakukan perawatan scrubbing khusus untuk wajah (banyak dijual di toko-toko produk kesehatan dan kecantikan) sekurang-kurangnya 1 atau 2 minggu sekali. Kenakan masker sesuai jenis kulit dan kebutuhan Anda (berminyak, berjerawat, kering atau yang mengandung pemutih dan Iain-lain). Gunakan cream tabir surya pada pagi dan siang hari serta cream malam yang mengandung pemutih.

Tapi perlu diingat, bila wajah sedang mengalami perawatan dengan zat pemutih, sebaiknya hindari terpaan langsung sinar matahari karena malah akan membuat iritasi kulit. Atau Anda juga dapat melakukan perawatan peeling. Perawatan ini harus berhati-hati karena akan mengelupaskan kulit secara cepat dan sering berakibat iritasi atau kerusakan pada kulit bila penggunaannya tidak berhati-hati. Terlebih lagi bila jenis kulit wajah Anda tergolong sensitif. Satu hal lagi, bila mengenakan cream pemutih sebaiknya jangan melupakan bagian leher.


Lakukan luluran atau srubbing secara teratur (1 atau 2 minggu sekali) agar sel-sel kulit mati penyebab kulit kasar dan kusam akan terangkat dan terkelupas. Cara ini akan mempercepat pergantian lapisan sel-sel kulit yang lebih muda yang dengan sendirinya akan menjadikan permukaan kulit akan tampak segar dan bercahaya. Jangan lupa memakai cream sunblock setiap kali Anda ke luar rumah pada pagi dan siang hari, agar kulit terlindung dari sinar UV. Pada malam hari kenakan krem pelembut raga (body lotion) yang mengandung pemutih.

well, itulah dia bagimana caranya agar memutihkan kulit dengan cepat. Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat buat anda yang ingin memutihkan kulit wajah dan tubuh atau badan anda.

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Foto Olla Ramlan Ciuman Beredar Di Internet. Dunia artis memang tak bisa lepas dari sorotan, kali ini artis cantik Olla Ramlan yang menjadi sorotan karena di ketahui telah beredar foto ciuman mesra ola ramlan dengan seseorang, mungkin anak kecil jika di lihat dari penampakan foto ciuman olla ramlan ini.

Di dunia maya memang sangat cepat sekali heboh, padahal foto ciuman olla ramlan ini belum jelas dengan siapa, mirip kasus beredarnya foto-foto Cut Meyriska yang juga tengah berciuman dengan, Baim beberapa saat lalu.
Foto ciuman mirip artis cantik yang pernah tampil di acara OKB stasiun TV Trans 7 itu, saat ini tengah membuat heboh publik. Gara-gara foto ciuman Olla Ramlan dengan orang itu, dunia maya diramaikan dengan pencarian kata kunci "Olla Ramlan ciuman".
Nah begitulah kutipan yang saya dapat dari salah satu blog news, entah dapat darimana foto tersebut dan coba saja anda perhatikan foto ciuman olla tersebut mungkin anda bisa menebak dengan siapa ciuman itu dilakukan.
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