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>~< Hi Dede, This you`ve got to see... >~<

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:53 PM PDT

Hi Dede,

Quick update on the new project. We are crankin'
and adding people every single day - like I've
been telling you. It's this darn "system"! How you ask?

Well, think about this for a moment...

1). This new system is an absolute SLAM DUNK

2). We've developed this killer website for online lead

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3). And finally, we're partnered up with a SUPER lead
source to supply us with an endless supply of pre-qualified
prospects. (that means no chasing around your friends and
family) :)

We've combined all three together and people all over the
WORLD are POURING in by the TRUCKLOAD. We've never seen
anything like this, PERIOD!

Dede, we know at some time you've thought about
developing some extra income.

All we can tell you is you don't want to miss this. At
least check it out and take a look for yourself.

If you haven't toured the new system yet, you really should.
We're giving you a F*R*E*E position to TEST DRIVE.

Urgently Go Here:

Best of Luck,

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Phone: 202-470-6744
Skype: frankastheimer
Yahoo messenger: the_success_guide

8101 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel, MD 20707, United States

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Dede, Did You Download the Brain Salon Demo?

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 06:26 PM PDT

Dede, Did You Download the Brain Salon Demo?

Dear Dede,

Have you tried out the Brain Salon yet?

A couple of days ago, I wrote to you about the Brain Salon. Now this is very different to the Brain Evolution System - and I thought it might be right up your alley.

The Brain Evolution System is a six-month program, for slowly "upgrading" your brain to a faster and better model.


The Brain Salon is more of a "quick fix" - for those that don't want to spend 30 minutes, every single day, tied to a pair of headphones.

Want to rocket your FOCUS? Just listen to that session. Need to boost your CREATIVITY? Listen to that session. Fancy enjoying the BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP EVER? Simply play that session.

The Brain Salon recreates specific states of mind, ON-DEMAND.

Just select the session, slip on your headphones, hit 'Play' - and witness the change within 30 minutes!

You can download a FREE DEMO of the Brain Salon, to try out for yourself, by clicking on this link:


Best wishes,

Lee Benson, of the Brain Evolution System
In association with Inspire3

© Copyright Inspire3 Ltd. No copying or distribution is permitted. Nothing herein constitutes medical or professional advice, and no statements are evaluated by the FDA. Individual results will vary.

Inspire3 Ltd, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom

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Activate your fr'ee marketing gift!

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 04:42 PM PDT

Hi ,

My new marketing friend "Vincent Henry" has just
released his 2nd product called "Affiliate Rockstar"

=> http://track.safe-swaps.com/mmosd

Learn (what most marketers don't know) How to harness
the techniques and strategies to become a Super Affiliate.

=> http://track.safe-swaps.com/mmosd

To Your New Marketing Success:)

Best, Christopher Kimble

P.S. I have more great offers to share with you from some of
the top marketers on the planet, after you grab this one above!

Clker4 Enterprises, 923 1/2 Cheyenne St, Golden, Colorado 80401, United States
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Dede 18000, launch day and more

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 04:06 PM PDT

Hello Dede,

what can I say... my dream team just
jumped over the 18000 mark today
and I'm blown away :-)

You can watch a new power point presentation
and listen to the launch call of stiforp
and you will see and hear why stiforp make
so much sense worldwide for anyone who is
working any kind of business opportunity.

So please check it out, I have put some new
stuff on my well known website:


As well and that's no secret you know I have
a tam of as well way beyond the 10000 members
mark in TFT which have the launch party in
Las Vegas on Oct. 1.

I may fly over if some other things not hold
me of to go there.

If you are on my team or want to be on my team
then please go, not depend if I go or not.

There are many great changes coming up with
TFT you not wanna miss.

Both stiforp and TFT have my full attention.

Both have a perfect price point of under 10$
a month in this times we are and both are
available to join and get paid via alertpay
and more.

I think this is the perfect combination if
you ask me.

I know there is always the next hot one out
there somehow but focus is one important
factor to succeed long term.

You will face everywhere the same challenges
in the end so join something that give you
and your team the best benefits and you will
hardly find anything out there with the leadership,
the price point and the potential than stiforp
and tft.

If you don't know what I'm talking about when
I mention TFT, please go and check below
and maybe I see you in Las Vegas!

At least join as a free member for now.

(needs to be updated, will do this days!)

Talk soon!

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Phone: 202-470-6744
Skype: frankastheimer
Yahoo messenger: the_success_guide

8101 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel, MD 20707, United States

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Dede - You can make MONEY or EXCUSES - Choose One ...

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 11:09 AM PDT

:::::::::::::::::::: The Official Team Cash Digital Newsletter ::::::::::::::::::::

== You are receiving this email because you responded to one of our
international advertisements, and requested more information by
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The information below can potentially help you start earning
$10,000 to $30,000 or more EVERY MONTH.

Your Referral ID Number is JB813

Save that ID number. You can't join our team without it.

Thank You.


Dede …

Here is the Team Cash motto …

"You can make money or excuses, but you can't
make both at the same time."


You CAN'T make money and do both
at the same time! Try it. I guarantee you
your excuses will get in the way!

EXCUSES lead to procrastination
and procrastination leads to
weak activity and slow to no

The fortune is in following through
and following up …

Why do you think you get the same
stupid credit card offer in the mail
like (100) times from the same bank ...


Whatever STORY you tell yourself about
why you didn't follow through is to stroke
your ego and make you feel better about

To make you feel like it's OK, because
it's not your fault.

Dede, procrastination and excuses will
get you NO WHERE ...

Lately, I have heard some of the most LAME
excuses from people ...

"I don't have the money to get started"

My Response: That's why you need to join! Winner's find a way!

Do you really think your situation is going to change if you
keep making excuses?

"My Husband won't let me join"

My Response: If your husband truly loves you, shouldn't he
respect your dreams, goals, and aspirations?

"My Wife won't let me do it"

My Response: "LOL" I'm laughing hysterically right now! "LOL"

Who where's the pants in that relationship?



You may think that failing to dump
an extra $60,000 cash in your bank
account is someone else's fault, but
I've got some TRUTH to share with
you …

( keep reading )


When I was in high school ...

I had a crazy teacher!

He wore REALLY nice suits with low top sneakers.

( This is cool now, but it wasn't then )

He never groomed his hair.

It was always wild and out of place.

He didn't like to wear deodorant either ...

He told the class that his wife liked him that way,
because she liked the smell of a natural man.

( LOL )

He smoked religiously.

He told corny jokes all the time.

And always liked to be right in your face with chain
smokers breath as he told his joke, WITH A HUGE


He was a CRAZY dude!

Seriously, this guy was a real character!

But you know what ...

There's one thing that he did, that still sticks in my
mind today, that I will forever thank him for and will
always remember beyond any of his crazy ways.

He put up a bright yellow banner that went all the way
around the wall of the classroom.

You couldn't help but notice it the whole time you were
in his class.

You know what it said ...


It said that ALL the way around the classroom.


And whenever you gave him some lazy tired excuse as to why
you didn't finish your homework or otherwise, he would say:

"Come on ... NO EXCUSES man!"

Sometimes if an excuse was given by a classmate, he would even
look to the rest of the class and say "What do we say to that?"

And the class would point to the banner and say ...


It created a MINDSET among all his students.

That no matter what YOU THINK is a good excuse ...


Only following through to success is accepted, NO MATTER WHAT!

So this newsletter is dedicated to my high school math teacher, Mr. Ricardi

This is for you.

Because I know that somewhere in my high school years, you helped
to shape my millionaire mindset and taught me to be different.

You were just doing your job, but you were REALLY doing a whole lot more.

This is a public thank you and I hope that by sharing this story,
many others will catch on.

Thank you Mr. Ricardi

If we ever happen to meet up again, I just might put 25-Grand in your hand.

You deserve it!

And if YOU were making excuses before, STOP whatever you're
doing and check this out right now …


P.S. –

Yesterday I managed to have another $10,000 day!

$6,500 Enrollment + $3,500 Enrollment …

Mr. Ricardo would call that adding!


But you can't add dollars like that to your checking account
if you're constantly making excuses, so ...

What excuses did you make today?

Did they add any cash to your "bottom line?

Did you THINK they were good excuses, or were you REALLY lying
to yourself, or both?

What excuses are you going to stop making right now?

How much longer are you going to wait to start making some real money?


Here's the solution – http://www.VeryFastCash.net/site


Got Questions? Speak To Cash Live ...


Or Email Me -- cash@veryfastcash.net


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== The Top 7 Reasons To Join Team Cash ==


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== The Team Cash Membership Levels & Bonuses ==



Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions ...



Office Hours: 24 Hours a Day!

Call me anytime!

Cash -- Your Partner In Creating Wealth

Your Referral ID Number is JB813

Copyrights 2005 - 2011 All Rights Reserved

801 2nd Avenue, New York, New York, 10007, United States

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Cutting-Edge App Predicts Future For Up To $1,245/Day

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:30 AM PDT

Just a short while ago...Richard
Selby was still trying to escape
from the dreaded rat race and trying
to convince his friends, his family
and himself that he wasn't an internet

He ALMOST gave up on ClickBank
after being scammed and pillaged
by guru lies and damn software
that just WOULDN'T WORK.

He needed a RAPID cash injection
to improve his situation.

Look at how many things he tried HERE
(things you should avoid)...


After struggling so long, he stumbled
across an interesting idea.

It related to why he was struggling to
compete with the hundreds of thousands
of affiliates out there.

I won't spoil this for you because this
video explains it so well...


But what I will say, is that this is
a true GAME-CHANGER and it's a totally
new and unique way to beat out your

...so that you get to the money...FIRST.

The results for Richard were MIND-BLOWING.

His bare-looking ClickBank account
was rapidly flooded by AN INSTANT


- $1,425.65 IN JUST A DAY

- $3,270.30 IN SIMPLY 4 DAYS

See the REAL PROOF right now:


Finally, this IS an automated tool

Take care,


P.S. If you want to experience a blizzard
server-crushing software responsibly:


*The sender of this email receives compensation
when products and services featured herein are
purchased. Results are unique. Your results will
vary widely.

101 Convention Center Drive, 7th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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Nine Days Left for L'ATHENE Specials

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 07:36 AM PDT

L'Athene Pure- Nutrient Skin Treatments

Issue 73 | Sept 1, 2011



Night Cremes are a MUST... for You to Look Your YOUNGEST!


Glycolic Acids Visibly Correct Accumulated Sun Damage... AND... Peptides Create a Less-Lined Look!  A Powerful Duo!


You didn't know your SKIN COULD LOOK SO GREAT!


Thanks (see details below in the September newsletter).   



Hello L'ATHENE Members,


ERASE the look of summer damage and REPLACE it with RADIANCE... EASILY and SAFELY!


CAPTURE the Secret POWER of Glycolics... without visiting the doctor's office.


Lift Away Dark, Damaged Cells and REVEAL the REAL YOU... NOW! 



"The glycolic night creme is a must after the summer season.  It helps to shed the dead cells while infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants and fatty acids. I use it every night." Nan Brown, RN



Doctors Recommend...

Overnight... For A Glowing Youthful-Look


USED BY DOCTORS NATIONWIDE... scientifically proven.


DOCTOR'S OFFICES... use GLYCOLIC ACIDS... to LIGHTEN AGE SPOTS & SUN DAMAGE... most popular anti-aging treatment.


removes layers of dead skin cells... gently & effectively.


by dissolving the glue-like bonds that hold dead cells on skin.
IMPROVES LINES & WRINKLE APPEARANCE... plus, tones skin & builds collagen.
WORKS SUPERBLY AS A NIGHT-TIME TREATMENT... repairs & restores skin as the body functions slow down.
PROVEN SKIN-REJUVENATOR... resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.




 Potent Skin Resurfacer
Stimulates Cell Renewal
 Immediately Dissolves Dead Cells


Revealing Fresh Healthier Skin 
 Illuminated 'Bright' Look



    Medical-Grade Natural Glycolic Acid


Fades Surface Sun Damage and Discolorations


Lasts ~5 months 

REJUVENATE NIGHT CREME with Glycolic Acid 1 oz.

  • Helps Reduce Sun Damage and Discolorations
  • Reduces Blemishes and Scars
  • Helps Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Provides Vital Hydration
  • Natural Alternative to Retin-A (not harsh, but effective)
  • Restores and Rejuvenates Skin Overnight While Body is at Rest to Reveal Healthy, Fresh, New Skin 
  • Natural Fruit Acids and Antioxidants




Painless... Proven...
Peptide Technology

Triple Action Rapid Wrinkle Reducer
Smoothes Lines from
 Repeated Facial Movements...
Without Loss of Facial Expression

 No Needles. Prescription-Free.



~3-4 Month Supply




  • Targeted for Crow's Feet; Above and Below the Eyes;Forehead Lines; and Lines Around the Mouth
  • Clinically Proven In an Independent Study to Decrease Wrinkle Depth by ~30% -- with 10% Argireline Peptide (AH-3)  

Triple Action Wrinkle Reducer

  • Smoothes Lines: with AH-3 10% Peptides
  • Plumps Skin: with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Builds Collagen: with Vitamin C


For Combination Skin
  • Use REJUVENATE NIGHT CREME every other night in place of L'ATHENE Moisturizer: apply to drier cheek areas and, on oilier facial areas, apply a thinner layer.
  • Apply INTENSIVE WRINKLE TREATMENT twice daily after VITAPURE Serum and before night creme or moisturizer. 
For Normal and Dry Skin
  • Use REJUVENATE NIGHT CREME every night full face in place of L'ATHENE Moisturizer.
  • Apply INTENSIVE WRINKLE TREATMENT twice daily after VITAPURE Serum and before night creme or moisturizer.
For Rosacea-Like Skin
  • Use REJUVENATE NIGHT CREME every night full face in place of L'ATHENE Moisturizer and avoid Rosacea-like areas. Avoid oily areas.
  • Apply INTENSIVE WRINKLE TREATMENT twice daily after VITAPURE Serum and before night creme or moisturizer.  
TIP: Also can use REJUVENATE NIGHT CREME in conjunction with MINERAL DERMA-SCRUB to combine mechanical exfoliation with phyto-chemical (natural plant compounds) exfoliation for powerful, maximum exfoliation.

"Last summer my skin got irritated from the drying sun and I tried REJUVENATE and it made such a difference in helping to take off the rough skin and made my skin smooth again."
--Anna B. Memphis, TN.
"My esthetician recommended the night cream and since I have been using it, I like it better that Retin-A.  It gives me a nice exfoliation and I am never red.  I feel safer using your product.  Thank you L'Athene."
--Marie W. Bay Village, OH.
L'ATHENE.COM - September Customer Benefits
    • To qualify, purchase any two skincare products or any SR-3 Kit. (Sampler kits do not qualify as skincare products)
    • One per customer (online and phone orders only)  
  •  FREE Shipping on all orders $65 or over
    • Priority shipping only 







BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT, IT'S REALLY SWAROVSKI®!  Back by popular demand... these fine, handcrafted, multi-faceted gemstone bracelets are available in lovely colors.  Each gemstone color has a wonderful meaning.  Boost positive energy at this busy time of year by surrounding yourself with a particular gem color.  Which one speaks to you?  Great to wear alone or with another bracelet or watch. Stretchable for an easy fit.  Perfect for you or to give as gift. (A) Quartz--clarity (B) Rose Tourmaline--balance (C) Aquamarine--courage (D) Imperial Topaz--refreshing.       


To take advantage of this month's specials:


#1: When you order the Monthly Specials, alone or with other skincare products, no discount code is needed. The price will automatically come up in checkout.



#2: You receive the Free Gift when you order two or more skincare products or any SR-3 Kit.


#3: These special offers are available exclusively online and through 800-272-5502.







Enjoy the products!
Nan and Lil (the Nurses from L'ATHENE)

Swarovski® is a registered mark of Swarovski, Inc.  

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L'ATHENE | 800-272-5502 | 494-B Wando Park Blvd. | Mount Pleasant | SC | 29464

Free AutoBlogging Ebook And Plug-in: AutoBlogging Profits

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 07:02 AM PDT

Hi Dede,

After browsing around and delving deeper
into the potential of autoblogging the other
day, I came across this impressive and completely
free resource that I simply had to share with you.

My good friends over at Halfagain.com have just
released an all-encompassing guide to autoblogging,
and are actually crazy enough to give it away
absolutely free.

But that’s not all.


They’re also giving away an autoblogging plugin
they’ve created so you can start autoblogging in
the next 5 minutes.

AutoBlogging Profits:


Personally, I have no problem spending the money
to get a copy of this book for myself, but the moment
I realized they were giving it away for free I knew I
had to spread the news.

I have never seen such an impressive step by step
guide to making money with autoblogs that didn’t
cost an arm and a leg; which is why I can practically
guarantee that within minutes of grabbing your own
copy you are sure to be that much closer to actual
autoblogging success.

Cut down on the confusion, learn how to quickly
and easy create an army of blogs, learn about
all of the powerful resources you need, and STOP
working so hard for your money.

When done right, autoblogging can be just the
answer you have been looking for to make
money online, and AutoBlogging Profits will
give you the push in the right direction.

Put this knowledge and the free autoblogging
plugin to good use right now:


Who knows how long these guys are going to
be giving this guide away for free, so stop sitting
around and wondering how all those others guys
are making money.

It's time for you to truly make things happen.

To your success,
Rich Stamford










10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903

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CONFIRMED, your first video (FREE)

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 05:14 AM PDT

Hey Dede,
There's an awesome new system to generate
massive paydays...

=>>> http://instantclickmoney.com/go/clicknbank
It does NOT involve:
* paying for expensive PPC
* trying to figure out Media buys
* Listbuilding!
=>>> http://instantclickmoney.com/go/clicknbank
And did I mention this video is free? ;)
=>>> http://instantclickmoney.com/go/clicknbank
Hope you enjoy it!
Talk soon!

Rich Stamford


10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903

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60 min. Friend, I'm very sick today and still remind you...

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:50 PM PDT

Hi Friend,

you have taken a free tour at my
stiforp page from my own website
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and now what ?

First of all I've great news for you
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alertpay :-)

Simply login to your temporary
back office
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To lock in your spot simply click
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When you taken the tour, you
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You check the "Top Leaders Overall"
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My team has now almost 18000 members.

Why I'm telling you this is obviously
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Friend, why would you honestly
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Others play for $100's a month
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Here you have way better odds
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Join with the yearly, we not talk
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That is what most earn in 3 days
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Get full access to all of the tools, training
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Plus you get a super great marketing
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With multiple splash page language
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You can look, but NOT PRE-ENROLL again
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I hope all this info not overwhelm you but
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They all need stiforp's awesome tools and
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Highly recommend, because it has so many
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I see you at the top!

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Phone: 202-470-6744
Skype: frankastheimer
Yahoo messenger: the_success_guide

To lock in your spot simply click
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This message was sent to abgckb4.bugil@blogger.com from:

Frank Astheimer | 8101 Sandy Spring Road | Laurel, MD 20707

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