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10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 06:28 PM PDT

Hi Dede,

Today's feature article is:

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

Read it below!

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. You
could tell people not to click on your banner ad. For
example "Don't Click Here If You Are Comfortable
With Your Looks"

2. Make your banner ad words as attractive as
possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling,
hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight
your total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. People
are always looking for good deals. You could offer
a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get
one free discount, etc

4. Use a testimonial on your banner ad. This'll give
people proof they aren't wasting their time clicking
on your banner ad. The testimonial should include
enough information so they understand the offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable person
on your banner ad representing your product, web
site or service. People will click because they'll trust
them over you.

6. Use a strong guarantee on your banner ad. You
could include the guarantee as a headline for your
offer. It could read double or triple your money back
guarantee, lifetime your money back guarantee, etc.

7. Tell people to click on your banner ad. Newbies
to the internet may net even know they can click on
banners. Just having the phrase "click here" on your
banner will increase your clickthroughs.

8. You could advertise a trial or sample offer. This
will tell people there is no risk or obligation if they
click on your banner ad and try out your product or

9. Tell people the major benefit of your product, web
site or service on your banner ad. It could be benefits
like make money, lose weight, increase energy, save
money, save time, etc.

10. You could advertise a free offer on your banner
ad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relate
to your target audience. If the freebie is attractive
to them they will click.

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"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." --
Sir Richard Steele

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Dedy Ng

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Issue 218 - OPW/iDate Industry News - September 26, 2011 - Dating Industry News

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 06:30 PM PDT

The OPW/iDate Industry Insider is the weekly news summary for the dating


MOSCOW: Sep 29-30. YANDEX is giving a 1 hour session on marketing to
Russia. Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia. Other speakers
include the biggest names in the dating business in Eastern Europe:
LovePlanet, Mamba, City-Date, Odnoklassniki, Mail.ru, Teamo, livejournal,
Visa info: http://idate2011.com/T/46.php Video:
Please register at the event on September 29-30.


Learn about their company, their strategy and their future plans


Ross Williams, CEO and Founder of WhiteLabelDating


International Chinese Dating Site IsThisFate.com Launches

OPW - Sep 22 - Jiayuan.com, China's largest online dating site, has
launched its English version - IsThisFate.com. Is ThisFate.com is aimed at
expats living in China, overseas Chinese looking to reconnect, and anyone
interested in Chinese romance.


How Groupon Can Help Dating Sites

BUSINESS NEWS DAILY - Sep 20 - New research shows that daily deals
companies are more popular than ever among consumers. Small businesses that
have used Groupon's daily deals to gain visibility and boost business say
the accolades are well deserved. First-mover advantage has matured into
long-term loyalty on the part of merchants and consumers alike. For
HowAboutWe, an online dating service whose draw for members is that the
service focuses at first more on the date itself than on their date's
dossier, using Groupon has been both a profit center and a marketing
vehicle. A typical HowAboutWe Groupon deal offers a three-month membership
for $18, 67% off the normal price of $54. HowAboutWe tried its first
Groupon in January in Brooklyn. It netted 433 new members. Subsequent
offers have brought in 142 new members in Boston, 257 in New York City, 155
in Washington and 175 in San Francisco.



Accept multiple currency payments through Optimal Payments' secure credit/
debit card payment processing solutions. Fraud prevention tools, custom
reporting, and premier customer support are just a few of the merchant
benefits with Optimal Payments. For more information visit

Match.com Partners with Yahoo! Canada

TECH WIRE - Sep 19 - Match.com and Yahoo! Canada, announced a partnership
enabling Match.com to power Yahoo! Canada Dating and Yahoo! Quebec
Rencontres. The sites are immediately available in English at
http://yahoo.match.ca/ and in French at http://yahoo.ca.match.com.
Match.com has been the online dating service on Yahoo! in the US since May


eHarmony's Mobile Apps: Real, Warm and Elegant

EHARMONY - Sep 20 - eHarmony apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android
launched in late Q3 2010 and since then ~1M members have downloaded the
apps to date. Currently ~500k eHarmony profiles are viewed on mobile
applications each day. Keeping it Real, Warm and Elegant is eHarmony's
Newest Design Challenge. When they thought about "warm" experiences outside
of software, one experience jumped to mind – Starbucks. Starbucks has
created an incredibly warm and inviting environment. The idea of being real
or authentic is at the core of all eHarmony's creative and brand imagery.
(Real success couples). With their final design goal, they set about making
this application feel like a very personalized, simple experience versus a
run-of-the-mill-dating search and browse experience. (parchment paper,
bamboo, handwritten notes and script fonts)



Dating sites make millions each year from running their casually oriented
dating traffic to Fling. Email greg@globalpersonalsmedia.com for special

Snap Launches Mobile Web Version of AreYouInterested.com

MARKETWIRE - Sep 20 - SNAP Interactive, a social app developer with~50M
installs across its properties, is announcing several significant
mobile-related developments including the launch of a mobile Web version of
its flagship AreYouInterested.com social dating app.


Soul2Match Link Dates Based on Facial Features

NY DAILY NEWS - Sep 19 - Soul2Match is a new iPhone app that claims to
match up singles based on facial recognition. The concept behind the dating
site is simple: People are attracted to themselves. Users snap photos of
themselves and run a search for singles who share their facial features.
Earlier this year, FindYourFaceMate.com launched a prototype that operated
on much the same idea of soul-mate sameness.



iTelebill is offering mobile recurring billing which leads to higher
conversions at no additional cost to site. Perfect for members where credit
cards are not possible. Visit www.itelebill.com.

New Dating Site Caters to Singles 50+

YOUR TANGO - Sep 18 - One of the latest dating sites to hit search engines
is BetterDate, created by ThirdAge, a site that solely caters to singles
ages 50+. The site is free.


ChristianCafe.com on Focus on the Family

OPW - Sep 19 - eHarmony no longer associates with Focus on The Family, but
it was the springboard for their start. ChristianCafe.com, meanwhile, loves
Focus on the Family. Husband and wife team Sam and Polly Moorcroft are the
co-founder (Sam) and CEO (Polly) of ChristianCafe.com and were featured on
Focus on The Family's single ministry show, Boundless, to discuss the
history of internet dating and Christian dating.




Online Personals Watch newsfeed: http://twitter.com/internet_dating
iDate events and updates: http://twitter.com/idateconference



"Assessing Attractiveness in Online Dating Profiles"



The business conference for the dating industry @

Industry Message Boards @ mb.InternetDatingConference.com

Conference Organiser, Marc Lesnick, info@idate2010.com, 212-722-1744

Online Personals Watch, www.onlinepersonalswatch.com or opw1.com

Editor: Mark Brooks, mark@onlinepersonalswatch.com, 212-444-1636

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Posted: 28 Sep 2011 10:54 AM PDT

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Guru punched in nose!

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 09:31 AM PDT

This is one of those videos that
make you want to stand up and
cheer when the bad guy gets
duffed in the face...


I actually felt a little scared
for this guy because he's making
enemies with some extremely
powerful people...


The 'gurus' will be out for blood after this..

I can think of three in particular
that stand to lose a lot of

About halfway through you'll see
the screwed up lies they told, and
how it bit them from behind.

You'll also get a peek at a
pretty wild way to get traffic
that's pretty much the opposite
of what everyone thinks...

It could single handedly crush
both free AND paid traffic...

If he doesn't get whacked.




101 Convention Center Drive, 7th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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Create Your Free Video Squeeze Page Dede

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 07:03 AM PDT

Hi Dede,

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3 Tips to Maintain a Good Credit Rating

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 05:09 AM PDT

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RE: The Learning Curve?

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 01:04 AM PDT

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Posted: 28 Sep 2011 02:41 AM PDT



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