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10 Resourceful Things You Can Do With A Product That Doesn't Sell

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 06:31 PM PST

Hi Dede,

Today's feature article is:

10 Resourceful Things You Can Do
With A Product That Doesn't Sell

Read it below!

10 Resourceful Things You Can Do
With A Product That Doesn't Sell
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

1. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to the product.
You could make money selling other people the rights
to reproduce and sell the product. People are always
looking for new products to sell.

2. Giveaway the product for free from your web site.
Just because it won't sell doesn't mean people won't
visit your web site to get it for free. They may see
another product you sell and buy that one.

3. Try auctioning off the product at an online auction.
You may make part of your investment back. If you're
lucky, you may even make a profit because people
sometimes get into bidding wars and will bid a higher
price than the product is worth.

4. Use the product as a free bonus for another product
you sell. This will increase the perceived value of the
product you're selling. People will feel they're receiving
more for less.

5. Contact businesses with the same target market and
see if they would be interested in using your product as
a free bonus for their product. You could place your ad
on the product and get free advertising.

6. Sell your product to businesses at wholesale cost as
a promotional product. Businesses are always looking
for products they can giveaway to their customers with
their advertising on the product. You could make part
of your investment back.

7. Barter your product to other businesses for things
you need for your own business. You could trade for
their products or services. This will save you money
and help make up for your profit loss.

8. You could create an online contest so people could
win your product. This will attract traffic to your web
site. You also could get free advertising by listing it on
online contest directories.

9. If you decide to giveaway the product for free, allow
other people to giveaway the product for free. Place
your web site ad on the product. This will spread your
advertising and attract even more people to your site.

10. Ask businesses with the same target audience if
they would be interested in combining your product
with their product. You could then sell them together
as a package deal and split the profits. You may have
better results selling your product this way.

About the Author:
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy has helped thousands of people
in over 200 countries around the world start and run a
successful home business. Discover 3 easy steps to start
your own home business and subscribe to The Home Biz Guy's
Free Home Business Secrets Mini-Course at:

Quote of the Day:

"Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way,
but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our
lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our
difficulties." -- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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Watch this video

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 06:19 PM PST

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Talk soon,

P.S. Have you seen this video yet? It's very very cool.



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dedebux - CORRECTION- iDateStartup Party - LA -Friday Nov 11

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 04:51 PM PST

dedebux - correction to our last email.

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Dating Hype will host a networking dinner, followed by a party.

Thanks again to Tai for sponsoring!

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100% Commissions For You Dede!

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 12:09 PM PST

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FHM: FIFA Poster! Rihanna! Skyrim Review!

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 10:12 AM PST

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The FHM Guide To Organising Stag Dos Free Poster: FHM's Rules Of FIFA Modern Warfare In The FHM Casino FHM Readers Do Movember!

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Hi there,

Okay so we're eleven days into Movember, and we're really fighting the urge to shave off this whispy bristly abomination that makes us resemble an 80s footballer with a sideline in blue movies. If you're taking part, you should go here, because we're all in this together and stuff.

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Rihanna's holiday snaps are amazing
While it's no secret that Rihanna does most things better than us (partying, celeb mates, tattoos), the pics of her latest holiday still made us a...
Story 1
Rizzle Kicks are reading FHM (just sayin')
Anyone up for a game of Spot The Brilliant Magazine In Rizzle Kicks' New Video? The rules are really simple, all you have to do is, well, you know...
Story 1
Good heavens, it's the Skyrim review
How do you review a game like Skyrim? You might as well try to review a country. 'Norway, whilst having excellent mechanics for moose...
Story 1
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show BLOWOUT
Fashion shows are boring, right? WRONG. SO WRONG. Fashion shows are boring if they feature willowy, bored-looking models wearing...
Story 1
FHM puts very hot girls in cool woolly hats [VIDEO]
Forget summer - FHM sets out to prove that girls look their sexiest in the cold season. Especially when they're wearing your woolly hat...
Story 1
Who should host the Oscars? A killer whale?
In the least surprising announcement since Carlos Tevez said he wouldn't be going to Roberto Mancini's house for Sunday lunch this week...
Story 1
The End: ace '80s footy fanzine returns!
What's this? In their words: "If you've never seen The End now's your chance to find out about a unique chapter in British publishing history...
Story 1
Oh GO ON THEN, the Internet
We just nearly got trampled by student protestors on our way to Franx cafĂ© to buy a £2.70 plain jacket potato. Oh, the irony. Brought back some...
Story 1
We sort of fancy Cher Lloyd, we think
That's okay, isn't it? We're allowed? Yeah. Yeah, of course we're allowed. We can fancy whoever we want. We're MEN. She is a bit like Marmite, in...
Story 1
The five coolest things we've seen this week
In this week's five coolest things: some arty coasters, a sexy T-shirt, a bike so cool it'll make you contemplate finally ditching your trusty old...
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Before you go...

We don't mean to blow our own trumpet about the five top notch things we've found, but... PARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP.

5/ Guy puts snakes up nose, they come out his mouth
4/ Good work putting that sticker there
3/ Cats can be right gits, sometimes
2/ 25 dogs hanging their heads out of car windows
1/ The 50 greatest boxing outfits of all time

You keep enjoying those car windows, dogs.

Until next time!

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Dede - I Did It Again - $16,000 in ONE Day! - SEE HOW ...

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 09:28 AM PST

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Brian Michael Presents: 6 Steps to 6 Figures Online, step 4 is live today...

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 07:30 AM PST

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Posted: 11 Nov 2011 05:06 AM PST

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Cribs for Kids: Would You Pay $50,000 for a Playhouse?

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 05:04 AM PST

eHow of the Day

Spacious lofts, built-in bookshelves, faux fireplaces with walnut mantel, decorative wrought iron railings, crown molding, air conditioning, balconies, slate roofs, cupolas, front balustrades, Flemish Bond brick façades and a striking four-column front porch. The descriptions read like something out of the real estate section of the Sunday newspaper. A quick glance at the online pictures of the palatial houses with their sprawling, manicured lawns gives the same impression – until you notice the name of the construction company: Lilliput Play Homes, "creators of distinctive play houses for children." For children of the rich and famous, gone are the days of the pillow fort. Crudely built tree houses are out and classical architecture and interior designers are in. These mini-homes, typically replicas of the houses the children actually live in, come complete with electrical systems and varnished hardwood floors.…keep reading

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Daily Fix by Metacafe - 1 new video

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 12:15 AM PST


Your daily video fix is here!

Today's best new videos as determined by millions of your fellow video lovers.  

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The top videos of the day:

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Griff the Invisible - "Theories and Facts" Exclusive Clip

Griff the Invisible - "Theories and Facts" Exclusive Clip

She's less of a scientist and more of an experimentalist. Melody (Maeve Dermody) describes a few of her social experiments to Griff (Ryan Kwanten) in this exclusive clip from quirk-favorite Griff the Invisible, on Blu-ray, DVD, digital, and On Demand November 15.
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