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Hidden Traffic Loophole Dede! Cash In On Free Traffic :)

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 02:32 PM PST

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FHM: Sepp Blatter! Yasmin! Goose Parade!

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 09:36 AM PST

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FHM Friday Email
The FHM Guide To Organising Stag Dos Free Poster: FHM's Rules Of FIFA Modern Warfare In The FHM Casino FHM Readers Do Movember!

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Hi there,

Tomorrow the sun rises at 7.25am and sets 8 hours, 41 minutes and 56 seconds later at 4.06pm. By that time, FHM hopes to have made a decision on whether or not to enrol in the UK 'Curry College' being proposed by communities secretary, Eric Pickles. Seriously.

FRIDAY NEWSLETTER GIVEAWAY: Five Blu-ray copies of Horrible Bosses, which is out on Blu-ray triple play, DVD and Digital Download on November 21. If you want one, or reckon it'd just take the hassle out of getting a Christmas present for a cousin, send your deets here.

Enjoy the email...

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The week's hottest 'news'
Story 1
Olivia Wilde uncovers giant, ominous star
Yesterday, citizens of New York gathered around prominent film star Olivia Wilde as she proudly displayed her latest discovery – a giant star...
Story 1
Marouane Fellaini – a 'fro through the ages
Everton's Marouane Fellaini is one of our favourite Premier League players. We like his combative nature, his never say die attitude, his committed...
Story 1
It's time to watch Sepp Blatter fall over again
Thank you, gravity. From everyone who has any interest in football, politics, or the admirable pursuit of not being a complete bell end, THANK YOU...
Story 1
Two videos are better than one, eh Beyoncé?
Being quite heavily pregnant with the WORLD'S MOST GUARANTEED TO BE AMAZING baby would be enough to keep most women occupied...
Story 1
Feist has incredibly long hair, also sings
"Incredibly" as in "we're not sure whether we believe it's actually hair" sort of long. Oh, and she's doing some singing, too, which is nice. Listen!
Story 1
Pretty Lights does some remixing for SSX
SSX is tricky, in that a) it requires skill and b) it's a game about doing tricks on a snowboard. Do you understand? Yes...
Story 1
Gordon Ramsey says the funniest things
Gordon Ramsey might be a great cook, but he's an even better lover. Watch his invaluable advice in this informative mashup video...
Story 1
Jessica Lowndes wishes she was gay
But, if we're being entirely honest with you, we're kind of glad that Jessica Lowndes isn't gay. Not that she's banging down our door, or anything...
Story 1
Yasmin 'Lights Up' our world in her new video
This woman is literally after our own hearts here at FHM. She DJs - properly we should add - she's well into her hip-hop and she's stunningly...
Story 1
Kickstart the weekend with a nice little date-aroo
"hi my names megan im 18 . im outgoing looking for love like a lot of girls that one prince to charm me :) and make me feel special so i can return..."
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Before you go...

Internet doesn't moan when it gets cold, Internet just trains harder while competitors are taking naps under blankets. Someone's winning a gold medal next year.

5/ Quit your band like a boss
4/ Hot girls in woolly sweaters
3/ Daughter chooses the Dark Side
2/ Welcome to the goose parade
1/ Cold dog knows what cold dog wants

Until next time!

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Crazy video shows how to bring home the bacon

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 08:44 AM PST

You've seen some of these big-budget
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all his own stunts, and the six-figure commissions
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101 Convention Center Drive, 7th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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Posted: 18 Nov 2011 08:01 AM PST

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Posted: 18 Nov 2011 07:25 AM PST

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eThaiCD.com Newsletter 11/18/2011

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 07:24 AM PST

The only place for latest hot CDs and VCDs with daily update. More selection than other Thai's store with over 20,000 products.

Special Discount - Offering a discount of 5-20%, starts from 17 US$ order

Chin Chinwuth : I Believe

Chin Chinwuth : I Believe Chin Chinwuth : I Believe. New album. 11 tracks.

Our Price: US$8.00
( shipping fees included )

The Moon (Pumpuang) [ VCD ]

The Moon (Pumpuang) [ VCD ] Thai movie : The Moon (Pumpuang) - ¾ØèÁ¾Ç§. Starring Paowalee Pornpimol, Nuttawut Sakitjai, Wittaya Jetapai. (Release date : 24 November 2011)

Our Price: US$8.00
( shipping fees included )

Desktop Calendar 2012 : The Great Beloved King

Desktop Calendar 2012 : The Great Beloved King Desktop Calendar 2012 : The Great Beloved King : ãµéÃèÁ¾ÃкÒÃÁÕ.

Our Price: US$12.50
( shipping fees included )

Christmas : Party Hits

Christmas : Party Hits Christmas : Party Hits. 24 tracks.

Our Price: US$6.50
( shipping fees included )


Our partners

ThaiFly.com ThaiTel.com


We hope you enjoyed receiving this message.

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Home Decor's Forgotten Holiday

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:03 AM PST

eHow of the Day

While ghosts and ghouls are out and about in October, and bright lights are strewn in December in preparation for Christmas, the Thanksgiving holiday, wedged between fright night and silent night, is oft forgotten when it comes to home décor. Beyond the much-anticipated feast for the family, Thanksgiving decorations can bring a touch of fall to your home that will put your guests in this forgotten holiday’s thankful spirit.…keep reading

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Tech Support By Smartsupportguys

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 01:37 AM PST

Smartsupportguys is a company which provide Tech Support For Desktops & Laptops. We have dedicated Microsoft Certified technicians who provide 24x7 Tech Support to its Customers for UK , USA and Europe. 

For Technical Support or Online Computer Repair in UK or USA Call  02071939831

Daily Fix by Metacafe - 2 new videos

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 12:08 AM PST


Your daily video fix is here!

Today's best new videos as determined by millions of your fellow video lovers.  

Join Metacafe Movies on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive clips and more.  Also, announcing Metacafe Video Games on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in video game trailers and clips.



The top videos of the day:

  1. Max Payne 3 - Design and Technology Series: Part 1

  2. The New SSX Gets Wild Tricky with Copter Grabs and Wingsuits

  3. More Recent Articles

Max Payne 3 - Design and Technology Series: Part 1

Max Payne 3 - Design and Technology Series: Part 1

Creating a Cutting Edge Action Shooter With Max Payne 3
4079 views | 0 comments

Click here to watch the video (03:57)
Submitted By: metaops
Tags: Max Payne 3 Rockstar Games 3rd Person Shooter Video Games Max Payne Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 
Categories: Video Games


Sponsored link

The New SSX Gets Wild Tricky with Copter Grabs and Wingsuits

The New SSX Gets Wild Tricky with Copter Grabs and Wingsuits

That's right, you can trick off a moving helicopter. AW, YEAH.
1429 views | 0 comments

Click here to watch the video (01:42)
Submitted By: Video Games
Tags: SSX Snowboarding EA Sports Videos Games Trailers SSX Tricky 
Categories: Video Games


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Let's meet on 28th Nov

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 10:52 PM PST

As of now, 36 people have already raise their hands
in support of our Fund Raising Project for the flood

If you have not done so, please do it here.


By turning up for this event, you not only get to do
something good for the society but you will also learn
from 13 of Singapore most successful wealth creation

Where they will share with you on how to create your
first million in the shortest possible time.

Secure your seats here.


And I will see you on the 28th Nov.

Catch up soon,


Jaz Lai Pte Ltd, 10 UBI CRESCENT, #07-19, UBI TECHPARK, Singapore, Singapore 408564, Singapore

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