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Here’s how to index your links fast, at no cost!

Fellow Marketer,

Thanks for checking out our Google Link Indexer service! By now I’m sure you’ve had a chance to look around.

Well, I want to let you know of our VERY LIMITED offer that’s running as we speak!

To give you first-hand experience of just how fast and simple Google Link Indexer is… we are giving away 100 trial accounts (which will index up to 3000 links).

Actually that’s not entirely true. We started out with 100 accounts to give away, but 52 have already been snapped up. On last check there was only 48 accounts left to be claimed.

And it’s strictly first come, first served!

The normal price is $30/mth (which is already a steal!) However we are giving you one full month for $0.

But it gets better…

If you claim your account right now, from your second month onwards the most you will ever pay is $9 – that’s a 70% DISCOUNT… forever!


Talk soon,

Charlie (CEO, Google Link Indexer)


P.S. I can’t stress this enough – this is the only time you will ever receive Google Link Indexer for such a bargain price! Period. Make sure you claim yours right now before they’re all gone!




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