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Solar Fan Cap for Respected Siiponline Bugil




Respected Siiponline Bugil first time in India a cap with a fan

powered by solar energy

Be the first one to own it

beat the heat! The innovative Solar Cap

use the sun's energy to keep you cool and fresh on hot days.


Wear these caps during going out and enjoy cool gentel 

breeze The solar Fan Cap offers you a pleasant cool world

to accompany you in your outdoor activities. 


Solar Fan Cap Working

Respected Siiponline Bugil wear the cap and go in sunlight  the solar panels on the cap will drive the fan   

The fan on the cap cools your face and forehead  

Solar fan cap needs no charging  

Use suns energy to keep you cool

Solar Fan cap works in all seasons when under sunlight 

A cap  for you to set a Colourful & Trendy Look

RespectedSiiponline Bugil own this Fan Cap and get Comfort Multiple Utility: - Unique Gift Item

Exclusive birthday return gift  

weight  solar fan cap 136 grams only
6 months guarantee against manufacturing defects
Respected Siiponline Bugil purchase Solar Fan Cap just for Rs400.0 [
Rupees Four Hundred only]  + Postal charges Rs 25 per cap  Cash
on delivery
please email your complete postal contact address  details to   solarpower164@yahoo.in
and contact number we send Solar Fan Cap by VPP post [ service of
india post]
When your postman delivers delivers the parcel you to pay
purchase price and postal   charges to him
Email order at
Fuel Saver India
17, Medha Sanewadi Aundh Pune -4110017 India
09665642722 , 020 25898516
email  solarpower164@yahoo.in to place your VPP orders email
complete postal  contact details and contact no
Important Information about solar energy
The energy that reaches the Earth from the sun is enormous.
The total reserves of energy that is stored in all of Earth's
reserves of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas are matched
by only 20 days of sunshine.
Send email to    solarpower164@yahoo.in to ensure no further
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