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Industry property TOP end 2015 <Ådv>

Dear Business owner,


Key ready end 2015, industrial property along Yishun  and Aljunied


Why rent ? when it is so much cheaper to own.


installment from low as $2430 per month* (for effective size 2066 sqf, 6 meter ceiling)  or $0.90psf/ month#,



We also selling freehold industrail 4 mins walk to Aljunied MRT - see below


Call Mr Derrick Ng S.K. hp 9488 2262 to find out more detail








* For freehold, calculation based on 30 years repayment , 70% loan and 2.5% interest

   For 30 years leasehold, calculation based on 17 years repayment, 70% loan and 2.5% interest

# $600000/27 yrs/12month/2066 sqf = $0.90 /psf


Mr Ng S.K.

Åssociate sales Manager

HP 9488 2262

cea R007094J

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

Lic L3008899k


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Thank You




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